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Baby Shower on Monday!

Just a reminder to bring in a gift for the quintuplets tomorrow.  Your baby shower gift should contain the letters Qu or Wh.  All gifts will be returned to you after our little baby shower!  The kids have been so cute taking care of our quintuplets!  They use tissues as blankets and try to be so quiet as they work.  I love their imaginations!


Valentine update:

Our friend Matt has moved to a new school.  We will miss him so much but he promised to keep in touch by becoming our pen pal!  Please remove his name from the Valentine list.

Donations Needed Please

We will put these to good use at our 100th day party and our Valentine party.  Please let me know if there is something that you are able to donate.

2 boxes of fruit loops (generic works for me!) Feb. 5 (taken, thank you!)

1 box of sandwich bags (zipper) Feb. 5 (taken, thank you!)

1 bag of cotton balls  Feb. 5 – (Taken, thank you!)

2 packs of white paper doilies  Feb.5 (taken, thank you!)

3 bags of conversation hearts  Feb. 11 (1 more needed)

2 boxes of juice bags Feb. 11

18 peanut free cupcakes  Feb. 11  (Taken, thank you!)

valentine/red/pink  sprinkles  Feb. 11 (taken, thank you!)

Thank you!  The date I need each item is listed next to the item.

Tomorrow (January 29) we will have a 1:30 early dismissal.  Please contact Mrs. Aument in the office if your student will have a transportation change.  Report cards will be sent home on this day too.  Please sign the report card cover and return it to school along with the comment sheet.  The report card is yours to keep at home.

We will be having a baby shower for our QUintuplets on Monday, February 1st.  Please look around your house for a baby shower gift that begins with the letters QU or WH.  This gift will be returned to you after the shower.  The kids have been so precious taking care of our QUints this week!

Our 100th day of school has been moved to Monday, February 8.  If you would like to help run a station from 1:00-3:15 please email me at  Thanks so much!  Children are welcome to dress like they are 100 years old!  Need some ideas?  Girls could wear dresses, pearls, shawls, glasses, etc….  Boys can wear suspenders, ties, hats, or even a robe and slippers!


I’m looking forward to seeing my first grade friends tomorrow and hearing about everyone’s snow adventures!  Penn Manor will be operating on a 2 hour delay for Wednesday, January 27th.

Due to the missed days of school this week Penn Manor will now be in session on the following snow make up dates:

February 12 & March 23

We will need to push our 100th day celebration  to Monday, February 8.  We’ll combine with Mr. Heiney’s class for some 100 day station fun.  If you are able to assist at our  stations please email me at  Arrival time for helpers is 1:00 PM. We’ll rotate to stations from 1:15-3:15.  In order to eliminate any confusion we will celebrate the 100th day on February 8, even if we have additional missed days of school between now and then.

We will spend some time on Friday, February 12 celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Exchanging valentines is an optional activity.  If you choose to send Valentines to school please include a Valentine for all 19 of our classmates.  If you choose to enclose a treat with the Valentines please keep in mind that we are a peanut free classroom.  Thanks so much!  Here is the 1-T Valentine list:




















100th day of school!

We have worked hard in first grade for almost 100 days and we are ready to celebrate!  The 100th day of school will fall on Thursday, February 4th. If we have a missed day of school between now and then due to “the big storm” then we will push our celebration back accordingly.  The kids are welcome to dress like a 100 year old! They may wear ties, dresses, shawls, suspenders, bring a cane, make their hair gray using powder etc…   I’d also like them to bring in a collection of 100 items that fit into a ziplock bag.  You may choose anything you have around the house (dry noodles, m&m’s, buttons, bows, straws, socks etc…).  This collection will be returned.

We will combine with Mr. Heiney’s class on the afternoon of February 4th for some 100 day stations.  We are in need of some parent volunteers who can help supervise a small group of students at these stations.  Volunteers would need to arrive at Eshleman by 1:00 PM for instructions.  Our station time will span from 1:15-3:15.  The only qualification you need is to be ready for some fun!  Please email me if you are able to help.  (

Thank you!


Math Facts

Have you seen your child’s addition math facts in the red take home folder?  I tried really hard to get them home for you to practice but I did find a set of flash cards on the floor.  Please review these facts at home for a few minutes each night.   Not only will the kids need to be able to say the answer to each question but they will need to write the answers too.   Learning these facts are a lot of work so I really appreciate the time you take to help at home!  When your student passes a level a new set of flash cards will be sent home.  We’ll start with addition and then move to subtraction.

Charlotte’s Web Day

At the beginning of December I began reading Charlotte’s Web during our read aloud time .  The kids are  attentive when I read to them and I thought they were ready to practice their good listening skills while trying to follow along with the story line.  This has quickly become our favorite part of the day.  The kids are learning about friendships from the characters in the story and they are doing a great job making pictures in their head as they listen to me read.

I have 3 copies of Charlotte’s Web.  One of them is so old the pages are brown and the price on the book is 75 cents!  My second copy is priced at $1.75 and I can clearly remember reading this book when I was in elementary school.  The pages are a little less fragile but we still need to be careful as we turn the pages.  I choose two friends each day to follow along in my old books as I read. They know they must turn the pages very gingerly or the old glue that holds the pages together may finally decide to give away.  You should see the care each of my friends take when they are chosen to follow along using these books.  My heart melts.

It didn’t take long for the kids to check out every copy of Charlotte’s Web from the Eshleman library.  Next, a few kids brought in copies from home that belonged to older siblings.  After Christmas some of the kids proudly displayed the copy they received as a gift.  At last count I believe we have 14 copies of Charlotte’s Web to share during our read aloud time!   Thank you for encouraging this love of reading!  In first grade we spend a lot of time learning HOW to read but I also want to show the kids that reading is fun!

We’re hooked, and we’re almost at the end of the book.  We have four chapters to go.  Four short chapters.  I read one chapter a day, so we will finish the book on Thursday.  But don’t worry, because I’ve stocked up on tissues.  You see I will cry when I read the end of the story.  It happens every time.  And if I shed some tears you know my little sweeties will shed some tears too.  Maybe even the boys.  But it will be OK because we will pull ourselves together and we may even be able to do some Math when we finish reading that last chapter.

On Friday we will have Charlotte’s Web day in our room.  We will celebrate the friendship between the characters and talk about the lessons that we learned from them.  We’ll watch the movie together and see how the author’s words come to life.  I can’t wait!  Send the kids in dressed like a farmer!  Break out the jeans, flannel shirts, pigtails, and straw hats.  We’re going all out.  The love of reading is a wonderful thing to celebrate! If you have a little stuffed farm animal at home (pig, cow, chicken, horse etc…) send it in to school too!

Friday is also the next Eshleman  DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) day.  The kids will want to have a few special books to read.  As in the past, something special will be happening during our DEAR time.  So far this year we have read with flashlights and stuffed animals and worn gloves and hats to read.   We have more surprises in store for Friday too!  It’s going to be another great week in first grade!

Looking ahead….

We will be having some cycle day changes coming up the next few weeks.  Please make note of these on your calendar.  You can also view the changes on the school lunch menu.  The cycle days are listed along with the menu for each day.

Thursday, January 14 – Cycle day 3

Thursday, January 14 – Eshleman rollerskating party at The Castle, 5:30-8:00.   Free admission, small charge for skates.  Please plan to attend as a family.

Friday, January 15 – Cycle day 1.  This is a make up cycle day 1 from earlier in the year when elementary students had off and secondary students had a cycle day 1.   This is a 1:30 early dismissal day, so we will not have book exchange at our normal 2:30 time slot.

Monday, January 18 – No School

Tuesday, January 19 – Cycle day 4

Wednesday, January 20 – Cycle day 5, we have gym


Happy New Year Friends!

I hope your 2016 is off to a great start!  Kids, great job working on First In Math!  Remember that little challenge Mr. Heiney’s class gave us in 2015?  We only need a little over 400 stickers to catch them!  We can do this!  Just today Madison earned over 100 stickers!  Log in to First In Math and earn another 100 stickers for our class!

When we return to school on Monday, January 4, we will have book exchange.  I’ll also be sending home a new list of spelling words.

How far have you gotten on your winter packet?  Did anyone complete their BINGO board?  I can’t wait to see everyone in a few short days!