Charlotte’s Web Day

At the beginning of December I began reading Charlotte’s Web during our read aloud time .  The kids are  attentive when I read to them and I thought they were ready to practice their good listening skills while trying to follow along with the story line.  This has quickly become our favorite part of the day.  The kids are learning about friendships from the characters in the story and they are doing a great job making pictures in their head as they listen to me read.

I have 3 copies of Charlotte’s Web.  One of them is so old the pages are brown and the price on the book is 75 cents!  My second copy is priced at $1.75 and I can clearly remember reading this book when I was in elementary school.  The pages are a little less fragile but we still need to be careful as we turn the pages.  I choose two friends each day to follow along in my old books as I read. They know they must turn the pages very gingerly or the old glue that holds the pages together may finally decide to give away.  You should see the care each of my friends take when they are chosen to follow along using these books.  My heart melts.

It didn’t take long for the kids to check out every copy of Charlotte’s Web from the Eshleman library.  Next, a few kids brought in copies from home that belonged to older siblings.  After Christmas some of the kids proudly displayed the copy they received as a gift.  At last count I believe we have 14 copies of Charlotte’s Web to share during our read aloud time!   Thank you for encouraging this love of reading!  In first grade we spend a lot of time learning HOW to read but I also want to show the kids that reading is fun!

We’re hooked, and we’re almost at the end of the book.  We have four chapters to go.  Four short chapters.  I read one chapter a day, so we will finish the book on Thursday.  But don’t worry, because I’ve stocked up on tissues.  You see I will cry when I read the end of the story.  It happens every time.  And if I shed some tears you know my little sweeties will shed some tears too.  Maybe even the boys.  But it will be OK because we will pull ourselves together and we may even be able to do some Math when we finish reading that last chapter.

On Friday we will have Charlotte’s Web day in our room.  We will celebrate the friendship between the characters and talk about the lessons that we learned from them.  We’ll watch the movie together and see how the author’s words come to life.  I can’t wait!  Send the kids in dressed like a farmer!  Break out the jeans, flannel shirts, pigtails, and straw hats.  We’re going all out.  The love of reading is a wonderful thing to celebrate! If you have a little stuffed farm animal at home (pig, cow, chicken, horse etc…) send it in to school too!

Friday is also the next Eshleman  DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) day.  The kids will want to have a few special books to read.  As in the past, something special will be happening during our DEAR time.  So far this year we have read with flashlights and stuffed animals and worn gloves and hats to read.   We have more surprises in store for Friday too!  It’s going to be another great week in first grade!

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