100th day of school!

We have worked hard in first grade for almost 100 days and we are ready to celebrate!  The 100th day of school will fall on Thursday, February 4th. If we have a missed day of school between now and then due to “the big storm” then we will push our celebration back accordingly.  The kids are welcome to dress like a 100 year old! They may wear ties, dresses, shawls, suspenders, bring a cane, make their hair gray using powder etc…   I’d also like them to bring in a collection of 100 items that fit into a ziplock bag.  You may choose anything you have around the house (dry noodles, m&m’s, buttons, bows, straws, socks etc…).  This collection will be returned.

We will combine with Mr. Heiney’s class on the afternoon of February 4th for some 100 day stations.  We are in need of some parent volunteers who can help supervise a small group of students at these stations.  Volunteers would need to arrive at Eshleman by 1:00 PM for instructions.  Our station time will span from 1:15-3:15.  The only qualification you need is to be ready for some fun!  Please email me if you are able to help.  (Wendy.Lutz-Terry@pennmanor.net)

Thank you!


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