Donations Needed Please

We will put these to good use at our 100th day party and our Valentine party.  Please let me know if there is something that you are able to donate.

2 boxes of fruit loops (generic works for me!) Feb. 5 (taken, thank you!)

1 box of sandwich bags (zipper) Feb. 5 (taken, thank you!)

1 bag of cotton balls  Feb. 5 – (Taken, thank you!)

2 packs of white paper doilies  Feb.5 (taken, thank you!)

3 bags of conversation hearts  Feb. 11 (1 more needed)

2 boxes of juice bags Feb. 11

18 peanut free cupcakes  Feb. 11  (Taken, thank you!)

valentine/red/pink  sprinkles  Feb. 11 (taken, thank you!)

Thank you!  The date I need each item is listed next to the item.

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