Our QU/WH baby shower was a hit!  Thank you for helping your child choose something special to bring in for our quints.  It’s the small activities such as these that make our learning so much fun!

Tomorrow is our 100th day of school!  The kids are welcome to dress like a 100 year old.  Please send in a collection  of 100 items (cotton balls, dry beans, candy, rubber bands, cereal, hair ties etc…) that can fit into a zip lock bag.  Thanks to everyone who donated items for this fun day and to those who are able to help run a station at our celebration.  All volunteers should arrive at 1:00 PM please.

Friday is our Valentine exchange.  We have 18 friends in our room along with our classroom aide “Mrs. R.”  Sending in Valentines is optional.  If your child would like to participate I ask that a valentine is brought in for every friend in our room.  All treats that are attached to Valentines should be store bought so the allergy ingredients are easily read.  We have a peanut allergy in our room so it’s best to avoid any snacks with peanuts.  So many rules, I know!  Thanks so much for helping to make this day special for the kids in our room!

2/8 – 100 day celebration

2/9 – Gym day, wear sneakers

2/12 – We do have school!  This will  also be the day of our school wide reading assembly!  Our classroom goal was to read and retell stories until we reached our goal!  We made it, and the kids are getting to be champs at retelling stories!  Thank you for practicing this important skill at home!

2/15 – No school for students

2/16 – There will be a substitute teacher in our room.  She’s a friend of mine.   The kids will have a great day with her!

2/19 – Kids at work day – Dress like your future career.  Refer to the paper that was sent home on Friday.

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