Monthly Archives: February 2016

Report Cards

Just a reminder to please return the signed report card envelope and the comment sheet to school when you have a chance.

Monday will be our 100 day celebration.  Thank you for your donations.  Your children are welcome to dress like a 100 year old for school.  (wigs, shawls, glasses, “wrinkles,” pearls, suspenders, canes…).  This is a fun day!  I did let the kids know that I will not be in school for our celebration.  My “100 year old Grandma Terry” will be teaching the class instead.   Wink, wink!  The kids are welcome to bring in a collection of 100 items to share show the class.  All collections should fit into a gallon sized zip lock bag.  There’s still room for more a few more volunteers to run our stations.  Please let me know if you’re available.  Thank you!