Monthly Archives: March 2016

Pizza Hut reading logs can be sent back to school after our spring break!  Thanks for reading at home with the kids!

We will be having our spelling test when we return from break too.  Hopefully a few minutes of practice will keep the words fresh for the test next Tuesdsay!

If the kids are looking for something to do over break, please consider logging them into our First In Math website for some addition and subtraction practice.  Thank you!

It would be great if all of my friends who can’t tie their shoes could get a little practice at home.  Most kids should be able to do this with a little practice.

This will be a short but busy week!  There will be no school on Friday, 3/25 or Monday, 3/28.

On Tuesday we are in for a special treat when some future teachers from MU visit us at Eshleman.  They will be running a science fair for both first grade classes!  They will engage our students in seven different science experiments in 1.5 hours.  This is the second year we are lucky enough to work with the Millersville students.  Our first graders are going to love it!  All MU students have clearances and are working under the supervision of their professors as well as Mr. Heiney and me.

We will be taking our chapter 8 Math test on Measurement and Time on Wednesday.  We’ll play some games to review our Math facts on Thursday.  Our Senior helper Ms. Emily has been practicing Math facts with our class when she helps in our room each afternoon.

On Thursday we’ll finish learning about our senses.  We’ve had so much fun with all of our senses activities! We’ll also be finishing our opinion writing as the students write about what kind of animal teeth they would like to have!  Look for their writing hanging in the hall the next time you stop in at school!

Maybe even more exciting than opinion writing is that Eshleman now has a gaga pit!  The National honor society built it for our school as a service project over the weekend.  They will return to Eshleman on Thursday over lunch recess to teach everyone how to play!

I’ll be reading with each of the students individually this week during our reading group time.  This is always one of my favorite things to do each marking period!

My little book characters looked adorable on Friday, and as always we had fun being able to Drop Everything And Read!  The kids are quiet as a mouse when they get a chance to read for fun!  Thank you for sending them to school with some extra books!  The end of the marking period means there will soon be a fun reading assembly for all classes who met their reading goal during the 3rd marking period.  Our goal has been to tell the main idea of every book that we read as a class.  This is hard for first graders to do because they want to retell the entire book!  With some practice this marking period, we are getting really good at this reading skill!

Enjoy your long spring break with your family!



Dr.Seuss Day

Today we made Ooblick with our 5th grade buddies.  I was going to send it home with the kids but I chickened out and sent home the recipe instead.  Many of the kids would like to try to make it again!  The Dr. Seuss fun continues on Sunday.  Head on over to the East Gym for some Dr. Seuss activities beginning at 2 PM.  All students and their families are welcome to attend.  Pajamas are optional!

Eshleman spring picture day is on Friday, March 11.  Bring your smile to school!

March book orders are also due on March 11.  Thanks for your orders!