A tasting party

We’ve been learning about 2D & 3D shapes during Math class.  We would like to have a shape tasting party on Thursday as we finish our shape chapters.  If you are able to send in an edible 2D or 3D shape food for us to sample, that would be great!  We would need 17 small pireces of this food.  The shapes we would like to sample are:

circles/spheres (pepperoni, cookies, Gobstopper candy, etc…)

cones (ice cream sugar cones, Bugles etc…)

rectangles/rectangular prisms (crackers, potato sticks, vegetable straws etc…)

triangles (Triscuit thin crisps come in triangles)

squares/cubes (crackers, cereal, fruit or cheese cubes etc…)

I appreciate any donations.  Please let me know if you are willing to donate any supplies by Wednesday so I don’t repeat them when I go to the store.  All treats should be peanut free so everyone in our class can enjoy these treats.

Thanks for helping to make Math so much fun!

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