Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hi Future First Graders!

I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation!  I am looking forward to seeing you on August 24, our first day of first grade together!  This is the time of year when parents begin to pick up some school supplies.  Here is a list of some supplies that it would be helpful for you to bring to school with you:

1 pencil box with a lid (please write your name on the box)

1 box of 12 pencils (already sharpened pencils would be fabulous)!

2 bar erasers

1 box of crayons (8-24 count)

3-5 dry erase markers (Expo brand is best).  Any color and thickness is fine.

4 glue sticks

1 pack of washable markers (8 pack)


The Verizon TCC store  (located on 3019 Columbia Avenue, near Venice Pizza) is giving away one free backpack with school supplies to each child who goes to the store.  A child must be present.  The giveaway is from Noon-3 on Saturday, July 30th,  while supplies last.  You may be able to find other Verizon TCC stores who will be offering this giveaway by going to

I’ll be sending you a letter in the mail in August.  Be sure to check your mailbox in a few weeks!

Mrs. Terry