It’s been a great first week!

What a sweet class I have this year!  This week we learned all kinds of procedures and we reviewed letters and sounds.  We learned how to read a book 3 different ways, and met our special teachers.  I successfully moved my daughter into college, and managed to shed just a few tears without doing the ugly cry, ha, ha!

I know there are many new things for parents and students to get used to at the beginning of the school year.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Lunch money should be sent to school in a ziplock bag.  Please label the bag with your child’s name as well as 1-T. Lunch money gets sent to the cafeteria in the morning (not personally handed to our cafeteria staff by your child), so labeling the bag is important so the money is credited to your child’s account.

Each and every day I will send home a red folder with a cute frog on the front.  This folder should be checked every day for papers that may either be kept at home, or need to be signed/worked on, and returned.  Please place any notes that need to be turned in to me or the office on the “return to school side” of this folder.

If your child is scheduled to be a bus rider or a walker and s/he has an early dismissal or a transportation change for the end of the day (such as being a car rider), please be sure to call Mrs. Aument in the office by 3 PM to notify her of this change.  She compiles a list of all transportation changes and sends them to the teachers by 3 PM so we know how to dismiss our students.  This is especially important since first graders are dismissed by their specialist teacher at the end of the day, not by me.

I do allow students to bring water bottles to school to keep on their desks.  I ask that all water bottles have a flip top cap or pull up nozzle, rather than a cap that twists off the whole way.  This will help us avoid spills as much as possible.  Please only send water to school.  If I find that students are playing with their water bottles, I will ask them not to bring one to school.  I always ask the kids to take their water bottles home on Fridays to be washed.  🙂

Lastly, we will begin using our Storytown Reading series on Tuesday, August 30.  Along with this series, the kids will  bring home their first spelling list.  This list should stay at home to be practiced for a few minutes each night.  We will also be practicing these words at school.  We will work with these words for 6 school days, and have our test on the 6th day too.  That means we will have our first spelling test on Thursday, September 8 (since we have a few days off for Labor Day Weekend).  I will send the corrected spelling test home for you to sign and return back to school.  A new list will come home the day after our test, and the 6 day cycle will start over again.

I will go over all of this information at our Meet the Teacher night on Thursday, September 15th.  I look forward to seeing you then!



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