Monthly Archives: September 2016

What a fun week we had.  On Monday we made Applesauce, cut an apple to show a star, and did some science experiments with our apples.  Thank you so much for all of the donations!

This week we also got to meet our 5th grade buddies from Miss Heineke’s class.  We’ll be doing activities with them throughout the year!  They’re great role models for our first graders!

This Week:

Monday, 10/5 – We have phys. ed.  (wear sneakers)

Tuesday, 10/4 – We have library and book exchange.   We have a Spelling test on “ck” words.

Wednesday, 10/5 – Picture day at Eshleman.  We have technology.  New spelling lists come home.

Thursday, 10/6 – We have music

Friday, 10/7 – Exercise for Eshleman (please wear sneakers and dress for outside weather) & phys. ed.

Looking Ahead:  Monday, October 10 – No School

Feel free to send Box Tops to school as you fill in your sheet from the PTO.

We started chapter 2 in Math and will be learning how to subtract!  Feel free to have the kids use manipulatives at home as they are doing their homework.  Pennies, dry noodles, crayons, pieces of cereal – anything will do!

Have you heard about our furry visitor this week?  Calvin (an Australian Miniature Labradoodle) and his owner will be joining us in first grade 2 times each month.  Calvin likes to read with children, practice Math facts, and study spelling words!  All of the kids enjoyed petting Calvin, and touching his thick, soft, ears.  Calvin enjoyed sniffing the kids, getting his belly rubbed, and laying on our nice cold floor!  He’s going to be a wonderful addition to our class!

Next Week:

Monday, 9/26 – Spelling test,  please sign and return to school  We have Music.

We’ll be learning about Johnny Appleseed, and how to be a good citizen.  Thank you for the donations!

Tuesday, 9/27 – New spelling words come home.  We have Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, 9/28 – Football reading calendars are due.  (This is optional)  We have library (no book exchange)

Thursday, 9/29 – We have technology & our Chapter 1 Math Test on addition to 10

Friday, 9/30- We have music


Looking Ahead:

10/5 – Eshleman picture day

10/7 – Exercise for Eshleman (rain date 10/14)

10/10 – No School

10/21 – No School for Students

We have library and book exchange on Thursday.  Please send library books to school.

Football reading calendars are due back to school on Wednesday, September 28 for those who are participating in this event.

The Eshleman PTO is hosting a Race for Education in October.  Please send any name/address labels back to school by the end of the week.  Thank you so much!

Our next spelling test will be on Monday.  We’ll also have some fun with apples and Johnny Appleseed on Monday!

Our class has been working hard learning how to add!  So far we have learned ways to make 9!

Small reading groups will begin next week.  I can’t wait!  I love, love, love when I get to meet with the kids on a smaller scale.  You will see a red reading folder in your child’s backpack each night.  Please read the book that is inside this folder and send it back to school daily.  Please remind the kids to point to the words as they read.

Thanks for all of your help!  This is such a great class!

Thanks to everyone who was able to stop in to visit with me during the Eshleman Meet the Teacher night!  I love getting to know our 1-T families!

Spelling test #2 was sent home today.  Please sign and return it to school.  New words will be sent home on Monday.  Spelling test #3 will be on Monday, September 26.  Please practice these words with your child for a few minutes each night.  We’ll also practice them in school.

Specials this Week:

Monday- Tech

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Gym, please wear sneakers

Thursday- Library and book exchange

Friday- Tech

We’re learning to add numbers.  I’ll be sending flash cards home for your family to cut apart and keep at home for some additional practice.  Many children need to use manipulatives (such as dry noodles, pennies & Leggo) to add, and that is perfectly fine!  I appreciate any time you can offer your child when it comes to learning Math facts.

On Thursday, a very special visitor will be coming to our room.  I can’t wait to tell you more about this visitor next week!  Enjoy the weekend with your sweet family!


Your kids did great on their first spelling test!  It doesn’t matter to me what their score was this first time around, I’m so proud of their efforts!  Someone told me they had a belly ache just thinking about having a test, but we had no tears!!

This week we focused on the short a sound in words, and we will continue to do this with our next unit too.  The kids all got new spelling words today, and we’ll have spelling test #2 on Friday, September 16.  Thanks for practicing the words at home!

Next week:

Monday (cycle day D) – We have library.  Bring your book back to exchange for a new one

Thursdsay (cycle day C) – We have gym.  Wear sneakers

Meet the Teacher Night @ Eshleman – This is a drop in event from 4-6.  If you are able to work it into your schedule, I’ll be holding a brief “teacher chat” from 4:15-4:25 & 5;00-5:10.  I’ll use this time to specifically talk to you about some of our procedures, and share helpful parent information.  Both of my chats will be exactly the same.  Some of the other teachers at Eshleman are scheduling teacher chats too.  The office has assigned us all different times so you are able to rotate to each of your children’s classes without missing what another teacher has to share.  I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, even if you aren’t able to make it in during my “teacher chat” sessions.

Friday (cycle day D) Spelling test #2, Library (no book exchange this time)

1:30 Early Dismissal – If your child will need to go home a different way because of the early dismissal, please send a note to school with your child.

What a Great Week!

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know my first graders this week!  They are all unique, adorable, and great listeners!  We’ve jumped right into our reading series and our first spelling list!  We practiced our words today in school.  Please take a few minutes each night to practice the words on the list at home, too.

This week we learned about three ways to read a book:  Use the pictures, use the words, and retell the story.  Encourage your child to read to you each night for a few minutes in one of these ways.  The kids  brought home a reading calendar from the football team, and of course, I would love if you could read to them, or they could read to you for 10 minutes each night.  Please encourage your student to point to every word as they read – it’s our number one rule of reading at the beginning of first grade!

We have no school on Friday, September 2, or on Monday, September 5.  Next week our schedule will include:

Thursdsay – Spelling test #1

Friday – Gym class, wear sneakers

Enjoy  your long weekend together!