What a Great Week!

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know my first graders this week!  They are all unique, adorable, and great listeners!  We’ve jumped right into our reading series and our first spelling list!  We practiced our words today in school.  Please take a few minutes each night to practice the words on the list at home, too.

This week we learned about three ways to read a book:  Use the pictures, use the words, and retell the story.  Encourage your child to read to you each night for a few minutes in one of these ways.  The kids  brought home a reading calendar from the football team, and of course, I would love if you could read to them, or they could read to you for 10 minutes each night.  Please encourage your student to point to every word as they read – it’s our number one rule of reading at the beginning of first grade!

We have no school on Friday, September 2, or on Monday, September 5.  Next week our schedule will include:

Thursdsay – Spelling test #1

Friday – Gym class, wear sneakers

Enjoy  your long weekend together!

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