Your kids did great on their first spelling test!  It doesn’t matter to me what their score was this first time around, I’m so proud of their efforts!  Someone told me they had a belly ache just thinking about having a test, but we had no tears!!

This week we focused on the short a sound in words, and we will continue to do this with our next unit too.  The kids all got new spelling words today, and we’ll have spelling test #2 on Friday, September 16.  Thanks for practicing the words at home!

Next week:

Monday (cycle day D) – We have library.  Bring your book back to exchange for a new one

Thursdsay (cycle day C) – We have gym.  Wear sneakers

Meet the Teacher Night @ Eshleman – This is a drop in event from 4-6.  If you are able to work it into your schedule, I’ll be holding a brief “teacher chat” from 4:15-4:25 & 5;00-5:10.  I’ll use this time to specifically talk to you about some of our procedures, and share helpful parent information.  Both of my chats will be exactly the same.  Some of the other teachers at Eshleman are scheduling teacher chats too.  The office has assigned us all different times so you are able to rotate to each of your children’s classes without missing what another teacher has to share.  I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, even if you aren’t able to make it in during my “teacher chat” sessions.

Friday (cycle day D) Spelling test #2, Library (no book exchange this time)

1:30 Early Dismissal – If your child will need to go home a different way because of the early dismissal, please send a note to school with your child.

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