Monthly Archives: November 2016

I think this rainy weather and a long weekend made everyone tired today!  I hope you enjoyed your extra family time over Thanksgiving.  Our week ahead….

Wednesday, 11/30 – We have phys. ed..  Please wear sneakers to school

Pizza Hut reading logs are due back to school.

Thursday, 12/1 – We have library (no book exchange)

This is our day for the PTO holiday shop.  Inexpensive items are available to purchase for family members.   Your child will be able to shop in the morning with the help of our PTO moms.  This is an optional activity, but please send money to school if you would like your child to participate.

Friday, 12/2 – We have technology and a spelling test.

Monday, 12/5 – We have music.  We’ll get new spelling words today.

Tuesday, 12/6 – We have phys. ed..  Please wear sneakers to school

Wednesday, 12/7 – We have library (and book exchange)

Thursday, 12/8 – We have technology

Friday, 12/9 – We have music and a spelling test.

PTO box top collection.  Send all of your box tops to school.   Thanks so much!

Monday, 11/21  – We have library (and book exchange).  New spelling words will be sent home.

We’ve been busy, 3 tests will be coming home today!  Please sign and return them to school.

Tuesday, 11/22 – We have technology.  MU students will be leading us through science stations in the morning!

We’ll have our “Friendsgiving” celebration in the afternoon.  Thank you all for the donations.  You’re so kind!

Wednesday, 11/23-  Monday, 11/28 – No school.  Enjoy the extra time with your family!

Tuesday, 11/29 – We have music

Wednesday, 11/30 – We have phys ed.

Thursday, 12/1 – We have library (no book exchange)

Friday, 12/ 2 – We have technology & a spelling test

Monday, 11/14 – We have gym.

Tuesday, 11/15 – Picture retake day.  Please send all pictures back to school if you are interested in having your child’s picture retaken.  We have library (no book exchange).

Wednesday, 11/16 – We have technology

Thursday, 11/17 – We have music

Friday 11/18 – We have gym.  We’ll take our spelling test today.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, 11/21 – We have library (book exchange day).  New spelling words will be sent home.

Tuesday, 11/22 – We have technology.  Millersville teacher education students will present a science fair to Eshleman first graders!

Wednesday, 11/23 – Monday, 11/28 – Thanksgiving Vacation

Tuesday, 11/29 – We have Music.

Election Day Fun!

Today we joined with Mr. Heiney’s class to learn about elections!  First graders went to the voting booth to decide if they liked Double Stuff Oreos or Chocolate Chip cookies the best!  We used our senses to look at the cookies, smell them, listen to their crunch, and of course taste each kind of cookie!  Each first grader stepped up to our private voting booth to cast a vote.  After voting, they proudly wore their “I voted” badge!  We tallied the results and found that Eshleman first graders prefer……… Double Stuff Oreos!  It was a close race!  What a fun afternoon!

Veterans Day

On Friday our school will celebrate Veterans Day by wearing Red, White, and Blue.  Feel free to dress the kids in these colors if you would like them to help us honor our Veterans!

We have book exchange tomorrow, and it’s our day to shop at the book fair.  Please send money in an envelope if you would like your child to shop at the book fair.

We have 1:30 early dismissals the remainder of this week.  Please send a note to school with any transportation changes for your child, or contact Mrs. Aument in the office.

Oh what a fun week we’ve had….

We had a perfect day for our fall festival on Monday – some of our stations were outside!  Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and to our parents who were able to come in to volunteer!   There will be more opportunities to help in first grade.  If you would like to be a classroom volunteer and haven’t completed your PMSD volunteer packet, please contact our secretary, Mrs. Aument.

Today we took advantage of this beautiful day to learn about number lines out on the playground.  We drew giant number lines on the blacktop and learned how to start on the greatest number and “hop” the smallest number to add!

Reminder – There is no school on Friday, November 4.

Looking ahead:

Monday, Nov. 7 – Day B, we have Music.  There is an Eshleman PTO meeting @ 6:30 PM.  Join us to find out how you can help to support the students and teachers at Eshleman.  The book fair will be open prior to the PTO meeting for shopping.

Tuesday, Nov. 8 – Day C, we have Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, Nov. 9 – Day D, 1:30 early dismissal.  This is our day to shop at the book fair during our library instruction time.  Please send money to school in an envelope (marked with your child’s name) if you would like him/her to purchase a book.  This is also our book exchange day.

Thursday, Nov. 10 – 1:30 early dismissal.  Day A, we have technology.  We’ll have our spelling test today.

Friday, Nov. 11 – 1:30 early dismissal.  Day B, we have Music.  New spelling words will be sent home.

Please send a note to school if your child will be going home a different way on our early dismissal days.

I’m looking forward to seeing you next week for our conference!