Monthly Archives: March 2017

Thank you to everyone who took some time out of their Friday night to join us for BINGO.  It was fun to chat with so many students, parents, and grandparents.  Thank you PTO for hosting this fun event!

Monday, 3/27 – Cycle Day D, we have Art.  Bryce’s mom will join us for our first Junior Achievement lesson about communities, wants, and needs.

Tuesday, 3/28 – Cycle Day A, we have Phys. Ed.  Please wear sneakers (no book exchange)

Wednesday, 3/29 – Cycle Day B, we have Music.  We will have a lesson from Mrs. Hoefel about good dental hygiene.

Thursday, 3/30 – Cycle Day C, we have FLEX.  Wear sneakers.  Calvin and Mrs. Mayberry will come in for a visit and to read with us.

Friday, 3/31 – Cycle Day D, we have Art.  Today will be a 1:30 early dismissal day.  Please contact Mrs. Aument in the office if there are any transportation changes for your child due to the early dismissal.  We will take our spelling test today.  New words will be sent home on Monday.

Eshleman Bing

Join the PTO on Friday, March 24 in the Gym for some BINGO fun!  Doors open at 6:30 PM.  There are many great prizes to be won, and everything is free (compliments of the PTO)!  I’ll be bringing my own daughter to join in on the fun.  If you are able to bring a paper product/personal product to donate to PM cares, that would be wonderful. (toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, paper towels etc…).  See you there!

I’m hoping we can look forward to 5 days of school this week!  Due to the missed days of school last week, we will now be in school on  April 13 & May 26.

Monday, 3/20 – Cycle Day C,  we have Flex.  Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.  We’ll begin chapter 8 in Math (measurement).  Gertrude Hawk candy will be delivered to school.  PTO will meet in the library tonight.

Tuesday, 3/21 – Cycle Day D, we have Art.

Wednesday, 3/22 – Cycle Day A, we have Phys. Ed & book exchange.

Thursday, 3/23 – Cycle Day B, we have Music

We will have our long A spelling test.

Friday, 3/24 – Cycle Day C, we have Flex.  New spelling words will be sent home.  PTO Family BINGO night, 6:30-8PM.  Family members are welcome to attend with their student.

Please continue to practice math flash cards and spelling words each night together.  Thank you!

Mr. Heiney and I will be scheduling a field trip in the month of May.  Any parent who wishes to be a chaperone will need to have their clearances completed.  Please contact Mrs. Aument in the office for a packet if you would like to join us on this fun adventure.


Shoe boxes wanted

If you have a shoe box that you aren’t using, we need 8 boxes by Tuesday.

Please mark your calendar for our Jump Rope for Heart party during phys. ed class on Tuesday, March 14.  The children are allowed to bring a heart healthy snack along with them to Phys. Ed..

Enjoy your weekend!


We are so fortunate to be in a school district close to Millersville University.  Today some of the future teachers enrolled at MU visited our school and presented our first graders with a science fair.  Our class rotated to 7 different science stations where the first graders were able to participate in hands-on science experiments.  The MU students made learning so much fun!  Everyone came home with a science experiment to try at home!

We had fun celebrating reading this week!  Did you hear that our school was decorated like Seussville?  On Wednesday we incorporated making/tasting Green Eggs and Ham with our Math lesson on graphing.  The kids were amazed at how easy it was to make our special treat, and each one of them came home with the recipe.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, 3/6   Day A    We have Phys. Ed & book exchange

Tuesday, 3/7   Day B     We have Music

Wednesday, 3/8  Day C  We have FLEX.  Students go outside during FLEX so please send your child to school in sneakers and be sure to check the forecast to know what kind of coat the kids will need.  This weather changes like the weather (HA,HA)!

Thursday, 3/9 Day D  We have Art.  I’m going to give our spelling test today so the kids don’t need to study over our spring break.

Friday, 3/10  – No school – Weather make up day if needed

Monday, 3/13 – No school – Weather make up day if needed

Tuesday, 3/14  Day A  Phys. Ed (no book exchange)

New spelling words will come home today

Wednesday, 3/15  Day B  We have Music

Thursday, 3/16 Day C  We have FLEX.  Calvin and Mrs. Mayberry will be here to visit.

Friday, 3/17  Day D  We have Art

Please continue to practice Math Facts at home for a few minutes each night.  Thanks so much for your help!