I’m hoping we can look forward to 5 days of school this week!  Due to the missed days of school last week, we will now be in school on  April 13 & May 26.

Monday, 3/20 – Cycle Day C,  we have Flex.  Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.  We’ll begin chapter 8 in Math (measurement).  Gertrude Hawk candy will be delivered to school.  PTO will meet in the library tonight.

Tuesday, 3/21 – Cycle Day D, we have Art.

Wednesday, 3/22 – Cycle Day A, we have Phys. Ed & book exchange.

Thursday, 3/23 – Cycle Day B, we have Music

We will have our long A spelling test.

Friday, 3/24 – Cycle Day C, we have Flex.  New spelling words will be sent home.  PTO Family BINGO night, 6:30-8PM.  Family members are welcome to attend with their student.

Please continue to practice math flash cards and spelling words each night together.  Thank you!

Mr. Heiney and I will be scheduling a field trip in the month of May.  Any parent who wishes to be a chaperone will need to have their clearances completed.  Please contact Mrs. Aument in the office for a packet if you would like to join us on this fun adventure.


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