Our week ahead…

Monday, 4/3 – Let’s support our 3rd -6th graders by wearing red on Monday because they’re “ready” for the PSSA’s!

We get new spelling words today.  We have Phys. Ed (wear sneakers) and book exchange.  We’ll also have another wonderful Junior Achievement lesson from Bryce’s mom!

Tuesday, 4/4 – We have music

Wednesday, 4/5 – We have Flex.  Send the kids to school in sneakers

Thursday, 4/6 – We have Art

Friday, 4/7 – We have Phys Ed.  Wear sneakers

If you would like to chaperone our field trip in May, please contact Mrs. Aument in the office for your clearance packet.  You will be spending time with a small group of students for the entire day (approximately 9am-3pm).  Specific details to follow.


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