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Penn Manor Football Comet Reading Club

I hope you have had a chance to read some good books with your son/daughter during the month of September.  If you have been completing the reading form from the football team that was sent home at the beginning of the month, be sure to send it back to school by October 2nd.  Students who turn in their completed forms will receive a pass to use at the “Pink Out” football game on October 20th.

During the month of October I will be sending home Pizza Hut reading logs.  This is a chance for you and your student to read together each night and earn a personal pan pizza certificate for your student!

Happy Reading!

Gosh, I missed these kids!

I’m happy to report that we all survived our first substitute!  I was wondering all day long how “my kids” were doing.  They were in great hands and I got a report that there were lots of willing helpers and just a little bit of extra chatter!  This class is always willing to step up to a challenge!

This week we will be doing some fun apple activities.  We’ll be making applesauce, tasting various apples, learning about how they grow,  and painting with them!  I’m looking for a few more donations of apples.  If you have one in your refrigerator and can send it to school that would be great!  It doesn’t matter what size, color, or shape it is!  Thanks so much!

Beginning with spelling list #4 (students will get this list on Friday 9/29) I will be offering a challenge spelling list.  Students will take a pre -test before each new lesson to see if they are already able to spell the words.  Students who spell every single word correctly will be given a challenge list.  This list will still follow the same spelling pattern as the original list, but it will contain some more difficult letter combinations so the words may be harder to spell.  If you would prefer that your child not be placed on the challenge list please let me know.

Mystery readers – You are invited to come in to read to our class.  Mystery readers are surprise family members who come in to share a book with the class.  This usually takes about 10 minutes.  I like mystery readers to tell me 3 things about themselves that I can share with the class.  The kids love trying to guess who is coming in to read!  A great time to read to the class is around 12:15 when we return from our lunch recess.  Please email me if you’re interested in coming in and we can choose a date together.

Our specials this week :

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Applied Engineering, Johnny Appleseed Day & Peacemakers lesson with Mrs. Strosser our guidance councelor

Wednesday – Phys. Ed

Thursday – Art & spelling test

Friday – Music, chapter 1 Math test,  new words sent home

Looking Ahead:

October 4 – Eshleman picture day.  You may order pictures on line or complete the order form that was sent home.  Buying pictures is of course optional!

October 9 – Columbus Day, no school

October 19 – Pink out day.  Wear a pink out shirt or anything that is pink!

MU future teachers present a science fair for first graders!

October 16-19 –  Bus driver appreciation week

October 20- Teacher in-service  (no school for students)

October 27 – First Grade Fall Fest  (Volunteers with completed/ approved PM clearances are welcome to join in on the fun.  Send me an email if you would like to volunteer)



Thursday, September 14th is meet the teacher night at Eshleman.  Drop in any time between 4-6 PM.  The children are welcome to come along with you!

Please sign and return spelling test #1.  Even though this was the first spelling test that most of the kids have ever taken, they handled themselves like champs!  I was so pleased with how all of the children did on their first test!  Spelling list #2 came home in the Froggy Folder today.


Friday, August 15 – We have Phys Ed.  There will also be a 1:30 early dismissal.

Looking Ahead:

Monday, September 18 – We have Art

Tuesday, September 19 – We have Music

Wednesday, September 20 – We have applied engineering.  Today is spelling test #2

We have book exchange tomorrow.  Library books may be sent to school today.

Thursday, September 21 – We have phys ed.  New spelling words will be sent home.  We have book exchange.  Please send all library books to school so students may exchange them for a new book.

Friday, September 22 – We have Art

There will be a substitute with the children today


I’m excited to have a full week of school with the kids!  Everyone is doing a nice job learning and practicing our school and classroom rules!  It will take everyone a few more weeks to get into the routine of first grade.  Along the way some mistakes may be made, and that’s OK!  It’s hard for a first grader to wait their turn to talk when there is something really important to be said!

Monday is our first book exchange.  First graders are able to check out one book.  We’ll exchange books every other day C.  Our next day C is on Friday (you get to keep your book).  Next week day C will fall on Thursday.  That is the day the book will need to be returned to school.  I would suggest placing the library book right back into your child’s book bag when you are finished reading it each night.  This is a good way to make sure puppies, siblings, and dinner don’t find your book before it’s returned.

On Monday we’re going to practice our short “a” spelling words one last time in school.  I’m going to surprise the kids by allowing them to write their words in shaving cream on their desks.  Our room always smells so good when we’re finished writing our words.  As you practice spelling words with your child, it’s good to have them say the letters out loud as they are writing their words.  Get creative – write the words outside with sidewalk chalk, make some pudding and allow your child to trace their words in the pudding, allow them to hold 2 crayons at one time and “rainbow write” the words.  If you are partial to Pinterest I’m sure you will be able to find many fun ways to practice spelling words!

Our spelling test will be on Tuesday.  This day is always a little stressful for the kids because they don’t really know what a spelling test is.  We’ll go slowly and make sure everyone feels comfortable.  The kids have “privacy folders” to make their desk into a private office area, and that’s always a hit!  Plus, we play a fun game called SPARKLE to review our words before we take the test!  Good luck first graders!  When the corrected test comes home you will see a sign and return stamp at the top of the page.  Please return the test for my records.  Thanks so much!

Our specials this week:

Monday, 9/11 – Phys. Ed (please wear sneakers)

Scholastic book orders are due today

Tuesday, 9/12– Art

Wednesday, 9/13 – Music

Thursday, 9/14 – Applied Engineering

Meet the teacher night – drop in to say hello to me and your child’s special teacher.  The children take such pride in showing you around our room, and they have been working really hard to keep their desks neat.  I told them it’s usually the first place parents look!

Friday, 9/15 – Phys Ed (please wear sneakers)

Friday is also a 1:30 early dismissal day.  All transportation changes should be emailed to the office by 1:00 PM. (  On days that we are in school for a full day, please contact the office prior to 3:00 PM with any transportation changes, or send a note to school in your child’s froggy folder.

I asked and you responded! We’ve got plenty of toilet paper rolls for now!

Thank you for a great start to the school year!