Monday, October 30 – We have Art

PTO Gertrude Hawk orders due

Tuesday, October 31 – We have Music

Calvin and his brother Hobbes will be stopping in for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Mayberry!

The kids will have a substitute today.

Wednesdsay, Nov. 1 – We have applied engineering

Thursday, Nov. 2 – We have Phys. Ed.

I’m going to give the kids their spelling test today so they don’t need to study over the long weekend.

Friday, Nov. 3 – No School for Students

Looking Ahead:

Monday, Nov. 6 – We have Art

New spelling words sent home

PTO meeting 6:30 PM in the library – Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, Nov. 7 – We have Music

PTO book fair shopping 2:10 PM.  Feel free to send money to school if you would like your child to purchase a book.

Mrs. Mayberry and Calvin visit first grade!

Wednesday, Nov. 8 – 1:30 early dismissals for conferences

We have applied engineering

Thursday, Nov. 9 – 1:30 early dismissal for conferences

We have phys. ed & book exchange

Friday, Nov. 10 – 1:30 early dismissal

We have Art

Please contact Mrs. Rohrer in the office if your child will be going home a different way than normal due to the early dismissals.  (


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