This Was the Best Day of my Life – said many first graders

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in Friday’s First Grade Fall Fest – From sending in donations, to volunteering your time, to sending your kiddo to school prepared with a jacket or sweatshirt.  Everyone had a good time rotating to our seven fall themed stations (pumpkin ring toss, pumpkin bowling, fall bingo, cookie decorating, leaf rubbing, make a pumpkin, apple stacking/apple relay).

On Thursday I will SURPRISE  first graders with a fun day of learning all about bats.  We’re going to learn the difference between bats and birds, read and write about bats, review vowels with a fun bat song, and make a bat craft.  We’ll even do some bat Math.  Our room will even be turned into a bat cave!  I’m sooooo excited I feel like I’m going batty, LOL!  If you have a small flashlight that you could send to school on Thursday (labeled with your child’s name) that would be great.  We’re going to do some reading using flashlights!

Please remember our BAT day is a surprise for the class.  I may tell them on Wednesday, but definitely not before then.  Thanks for helping to keep this a surprise!

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