Monday 11/20  We have applied engineering.  Send library books to school tomorrow for book exchange.

We’ll take a Math quiz and review our doubles and near doubles by playing “race the teacher”.  Ask the kids how we play… they love this game!

Tuesday 11/21  We have phys. ed and book exchange

We will take our spelling test today.

Mrs. Mayberry  and Calvin (our service dog) will be in to read with us!

We’ll be making homemade butter!

Wednesday, 11/22 – Monday, 11/27  No school 

I hope you have a fun and relaxing break with your family!  I’m thankful for the 22 smiling faces who don’t complain when I misplace my papers, who laugh at my silly jokes, and who get excited about learning!  Thank you for sharing them with me!

Tuesday, 11/28  We’ll get new spelling words today.  We have Art class

Wednesday, 11/29 – We have Music

Thursday, 11/30 – We have applied engineering.  This will be our day to go to the holiday shop sponsored by the PTO.  Holiday shop is an optional activity.

Friday, 12/1 – We have phys. ed (no book exchange)

Pizza Hut reading logs may be sent to school all this week if you chose to participate by reading at home.  

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