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Splash Party – 3 of them!

Splash party 1 – Friday, June 1 –  This is a first grade splash party held at Eshleman Elementary.  Mr. Heiney and Mrs. Terry will be taking the kids outside to play water games in the afternoon.  Students may wear bathing suits to school under their street clothes.  Chaperones, please check my blog on Friday between 11:30-Noon to get a weather update.  If it’s storming we will postpone our splash party until Monday, June 4 at the same time.

Splash party 2 – Ehsleman PTO is sponsoring a splash party at the Millersville Pool on Monday, June 4. This is free for Eshleman families.  Come join the fun from 6-8 PM.

Splash party 3 – Last day of school celebration on Thursday, June 7.   The Class of 2019 post prom committee will be hosting an end of school celebration at the Millersville Pool for all elementary and middle school students.  Admission is $5.  There will be a DJ and food to purchase.  The fun is from 6-8 PM!

Tuesday, May 29 – We have Art.  Play props should be sent to school today.

Wednesday, May 30 – We have Music.  Play props should be sent to school today.

Thursday, May 31 – We have PE.  Today is our Doorbell Rang play.  Show times are 10:45 & 1:45.  Please check in at the office before coming to our room.    The children are very excited!

Friday, June 1 – We have library (no more book exchange) and our splash party.  Please send the kids to school with a towel.  Girls – bathing suits may be worn under street clothes.  Boys, long bathing suits that look like shorts may be worn with a t-shirt.   Students who would prefer may just wear their street clothes during our splash party.  Parent volunteers, please check in at the office and meet in the gym lobby.  We’ll give you your station assignment.

We’re looking for donations of chocolate chip cookies for our play (please send to school by Wednesday.  These can be store bought or homemade.  We won’t turn down any cookies!).

We’re also looking for donations of water balloons for our splash party on Friday.  The “new” kind that have about 3 dozen balloons hooked together would be great!  Thank you!

Our tadpole has almost transformed into a frog.   He just has a little bit of his tail left.  It looks like “Mr. Taddy” is going to need a new name!

Looking Ahead:

Monday, June 4 – Eshleman splash party at the Millersville Pool.

Thursday, June 7 – Last day of First Grade.   Students will meet their second grade teacher.  Dismissal will be at 11:25 today.

Field Trip Reminders

Tuesday, May 22 is our first grade field trip.  Please send the kids to school with a packed (disposable) lunch if you didn’t order one from the cafeteria.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.   We’ll be eating lunch under a covered pavilion, so please check the forecast before choosing an outfit for your child.  It’s sure to be a fun day!

Monday, May 21 – We have library.

Tuesday, May 22 – Field trip day!  Students should bring a packed, disposable lunch to school.  If your child ordered a lunch from the cafeteria, I will have it waiting when they arrive at school!  Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.  We hope to be back to Eshleman in time to go to Art class.

Wednesday, May 23 – We’ll have a visit from Lancaster county EMS today to talk about safety and calling 911.  Our special is Music.  We’ll have our last spelling test of the year today.

Thursday, May 24 – We have Phys. Ed.   Mr. Hardy will be coming in to teach us about plants and trees!

Friday, May 25 – School is in session!  We have library instruction.  Send the kids to school wearing sneakers today.  We’re going to be having some outdoor fun with Mr. Heiney’s class!

Looking Ahead:  

Monday, May 28 – No School.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Tuesday, May 29 – We have Art.

Wednesday, May 30 –  We have Music

Thursday, May 31Today is our Doorbell Rang play.  Performances for parents and family will be held at 10:45 and 1:45.  All are welcome to attend – siblings and grandparents included!  If we end up having two casts I’ll let you know which performance your student will be in! Rehearsals will begin next week.  Our special is library.  Students who aren’t interested in being an actor will have an opportunity to make props or be stage crew.  Everyone will have a part in our show!  We have phys. ed. today.

Friday, June 1 –    Today is our first grade splash party being held at Eshleman!  With parent permission, students may wear a bathing suit UNDER their clothing.  Boys, if your bathing suit looks like a pair of shorts, you are welcome to wear your bathing suit to school along with a t-shirt.  Please send the kids to school with a towel and water shoes if you have them.  They will have the opportunity to be wet if they choose to do so! Flip flops are optional but please consider the kids will be running in the grass while playing some of our games, and they will be standing on potentially hot black top for other games, so taking flip flops off won’t be an option.  Our special is Library instruction.

Donation Opportunities:  We would like to give our guests a cookie treat after our play.  If you would like to donate a package of chocolate chip cookies, we would appreciate it!

We’ll also need already filled water balloons for our splash party.  The “new” kind that come  all bundled together and can be filled at one time make things very easy.

Thank you!

Awesome Activity Day

Eshleman’s Awesome Activity Day will be held on Monday, May 14.   Please send the kids to school wearing the colors yellow or gold if possible.  They may bring a water bottle with their name and 1-T clearly marked on the outside.

Students should wear sneakers and may also wear a hat (optional).    Feel free to apply sunscreen in the morning before the kids leave for school.  It’s sure to be a very fun afternoon!

Fun Run Results

Our fun run WAS fun today!  We carried our class flag as we walked through a tunnel and onto the “race track.”  Students walked, ran, danced, and partnered with friends as they attempted to go around the race course as many times as possible.  Teachers marked the back of shirts every time a student crossed the starting line.  Look on the back of your child’s shirt to see how many laps they completed!  Why did we do all of this?  To raise funds for our school so that we can continue to go on field trips and buy supplies for our classrooms.  So far we’ve raised just over $6,000 for Eshleman!  THANK YOU!  Have your students share the excitement with friends and family.  They may donate on line for one more week, or donations may be sent to school in the envelope that was sent home today.  The t-shirts are for the students to keep!  Thank you PTO for such a fun day!  Thank YOU for registering your student and helping our school!

Thank you!

I appreciate that many of you have registered the kids for our fun run!  It will be held tomorrow and we’re super excited!  It’s not too late to register your student and to ask friends and family for a donation to support our school!  Just go to!  All of the kids will be bringing home a gray fun run t-shirt today.

Tomorrow at school I’ll give students their shirts to wear for our fun run! Students  may either put them over the t-shirt you send them to school wearing, or they may change in the bathrooms.  It’s supposed to be 77 degrees tomorrow, so wearing one shirt is probably the way to go.   I’ll be using a sharpie to record the number of  laps they complete on the back of each t-shirt as the kids run by.   All students should wear sneakers and feel free to apply sun screen on your child before they leave home.  It’s going to be a sunny day!

I have all but 4 field trip permission slips.  Please be sure to send them in by Friday, May 11.  If you would like to purchase a packed lunch from the school, please complete and return the green lunch form.  All chaperones for our field trip should check your child’s froggy folder for arrival instructions.

Thanks for being such awesome parents!