Thank you!

I appreciate that many of you have registered the kids for our fun run!  It will be held tomorrow and we’re super excited!  It’s not too late to register your student and to ask friends and family for a donation to support our school!  Just go to!  All of the kids will be bringing home a gray fun run t-shirt today.

Tomorrow at school I’ll give students their shirts to wear for our fun run! Students  may either put them over the t-shirt you send them to school wearing, or they may change in the bathrooms.  It’s supposed to be 77 degrees tomorrow, so wearing one shirt is probably the way to go.   I’ll be using a sharpie to record the number of  laps they complete on the back of each t-shirt as the kids run by.   All students should wear sneakers and feel free to apply sun screen on your child before they leave home.  It’s going to be a sunny day!

I have all but 4 field trip permission slips.  Please be sure to send them in by Friday, May 11.  If you would like to purchase a packed lunch from the school, please complete and return the green lunch form.  All chaperones for our field trip should check your child’s froggy folder for arrival instructions.

Thanks for being such awesome parents!