Fun Run Results

Our fun run WAS fun today!  We carried our class flag as we walked through a tunnel and onto the “race track.”  Students walked, ran, danced, and partnered with friends as they attempted to go around the race course as many times as possible.  Teachers marked the back of shirts every time a student crossed the starting line.  Look on the back of your child’s shirt to see how many laps they completed!  Why did we do all of this?  To raise funds for our school so that we can continue to go on field trips and buy supplies for our classrooms.  So far we’ve raised just over $6,000 for Eshleman!  THANK YOU!  Have your students share the excitement with friends and family.  They may donate on line for one more week, or donations may be sent to school in the envelope that was sent home today.  The t-shirts are for the students to keep!  Thank you PTO for such a fun day!  Thank YOU for registering your student and helping our school!