Monday, May 21 – We have library.

Tuesday, May 22 – Field trip day!  Students should bring a packed, disposable lunch to school.  If your child ordered a lunch from the cafeteria, I will have it waiting when they arrive at school!  Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.  We hope to be back to Eshleman in time to go to Art class.

Wednesday, May 23 – We’ll have a visit from Lancaster county EMS today to talk about safety and calling 911.  Our special is Music.  We’ll have our last spelling test of the year today.

Thursday, May 24 – We have Phys. Ed.   Mr. Hardy will be coming in to teach us about plants and trees!

Friday, May 25 – School is in session!  We have library instruction.  Send the kids to school wearing sneakers today.  We’re going to be having some outdoor fun with Mr. Heiney’s class!

Looking Ahead:  

Monday, May 28 – No School.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Tuesday, May 29 – We have Art.

Wednesday, May 30 –  We have Music

Thursday, May 31Today is our Doorbell Rang play.  Performances for parents and family will be held at 10:45 and 1:45.  All are welcome to attend – siblings and grandparents included!  If we end up having two casts I’ll let you know which performance your student will be in! Rehearsals will begin next week.  Our special is library.  Students who aren’t interested in being an actor will have an opportunity to make props or be stage crew.  Everyone will have a part in our show!  We have phys. ed. today.

Friday, June 1 –    Today is our first grade splash party being held at Eshleman!  With parent permission, students may wear a bathing suit UNDER their clothing.  Boys, if your bathing suit looks like a pair of shorts, you are welcome to wear your bathing suit to school along with a t-shirt.  Please send the kids to school with a towel and water shoes if you have them.  They will have the opportunity to be wet if they choose to do so! Flip flops are optional but please consider the kids will be running in the grass while playing some of our games, and they will be standing on potentially hot black top for other games, so taking flip flops off won’t be an option.  Our special is Library instruction.

Donation Opportunities:  We would like to give our guests a cookie treat after our play.  If you would like to donate a package of chocolate chip cookies, we would appreciate it!

We’ll also need already filled water balloons for our splash party.  The “new” kind that come  all bundled together and can be filled at one time make things very easy.

Thank you!