Monthly Archives: June 2018

You may have heard that our frog passed on Wednesday night.  The kids were initially surprised but they all handled the news well!

Thursday will be a bittersweet day.  Everyone is excited about summer vacation while realizing that we’ll miss seeing one another each day.   This class has grown both socially and academically and I couldn’t be more proud of them!  Students will visit with their 2nd grade teachers today.

Our last day is also an 11:30 early dismissal.  Please contact Mrs. Rohrer with any transportation changes.  Please empty out backpacks and send them to school.  We’ll have report cards and tool boxes to send home.   Thank you for a wonderful year!


Monday, June 4 – We have Art.  We’ll be having a 3D shape tasting party as a review of our chapter 10 Math!  Calvin and his brother Hobbes are coming in for a final visit.  If your child has an Eshleman yearbook, send it to school to be signed by our furry friends!  The Eshleman PTO splash party is at the Millersville pool tonight from 6-8.

A Lunch today is Pizza sticks.  B lunch is chicken patty

Tuesday, June 5 –  We have Music.  Today is GAME DAY in our room.  Students may bring a board game to school to play with their friends.  We’ll also play some classics like heads up 7 up and 4 corners!

A lunch is Pasta    B lunch is chicken patty

Wednesday, June 6 – We have Phys. Ed.  We’ll have a little good bye and thank you party for Mrs. Torres.  We’ll be completing our first grade yearbooks and making a book of advice for the upcoming first graders!

A lunch is pizza     B lunch is chicken patty

Thursday, June 7 –  Last day of school, sniff – sniff!  We have an 11:25 early dismissal.    First graders will meet their second grade teacher today.

No lunch will be served today.

Tonight is another splash party hosted by the Penn Manor Post Prom committee.   Admission is $5 and snacks are available for purchase.  Come join the fun!

It’s been a great year of growth for everyone in first grade!  We’ve been having fun thinking about what it was like on the first day of school compared to the last day!  Enjoy your summer with these great kids!