This is a big week in first grade! Students will receive their first spelling list. This week our words will focus on the short “A” sound. Please practice for a few minutes each night. A letter will be coming home along with the spelling list for you to keep at home.

Students will be learning addition concepts in Math.  They’ll learn about addition stories, making number sentences, and adding 0.

When the weather is hot Dr. Cox allows the children to play outside for 10 minutes and inside for 10 minutes.  Students may bring water bottles with a straw or flip top lid.  Only water  should be placed in their bottles.  Please do not send in water bottles with a screw top lid.  They spill so easily.  Thanks!

Tuesday, 9/4 – We have phys Ed..  Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers and comfy clothing.  We’ve been learning how to be a good citizen.  We’ll continue our conversations as we welcome a new friend to our class today.

Wednesday, 9/5 – We have Art.

Thursday, 9/6 – We have applied engineering.

Friday, 9/7 – We have music.

Looking Ahead:  

Monday, September 10 – We have Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, September 11 – We have Art. 

Today will be our first spelling test.  Please don’t stress about this test.  We’re just getting started in spelling!