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Dear Parents and Guardians,                                       

Every year Penn Manor School District assists families in need with Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday meals.  We would like to make this process more uniform across the district. We will be collecting the food listed below between October 29th and November 9th.  If you have a child in one of these grades, please consider donating. 

Kindergarten-boxed mashed potatoes

1st grade-boxed stuffing

2nd grade-canned corn

3rd grade-canned green beans

4th grade-canned sweet potatoes

5th grade-canned cranberry sauce

6th grade-canned gravy (NO GLASS)

7th grade-applesauce (NO GLASS)  8th grade-Cornbread or Muffin Mix (WATER BASED)
If your family is able and willing to provide more than is listed above and would like to make a monetary donation, please send the amount you choose by check to your child’s school secretary by November 9th.  Make your check payable to Penn Manor Family Fund and on the memo line write “Holiday Food Basket.”

In support of the Warwick School District families who suffered a tragic loss on Friday and this morning, we are encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to wear red on Monday.  Please participate if you’re able.

Many thanks to our awesome parent volunteers at the fall festival on Friday and to those of you who made donations!

Please return your pink conference confirmation form this week if you haven’t already done so.

Our classroom contest for the Run for FUNds will be ending this Friday.  We’re still in first place by $60.  Whether or not we win the ice cream party, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your donations to our wonderful school!  You and your friends and family are appreciated!

This week:

Monday, October 29 – Our special is Art.  New spelling words will come home today.  We have a guidance lesson with Mrs. Strosser.  She talks with the class about feelings and how to be a good friend.

Tuesday, October 30 – Our special is applied engineering.

Wednesday, October 31 – Our special is phys. ed.  We’ll have a special time with our 5th grade buddies conducting science experiments and learning how a pumpkin grows.

Thursday, Nov. 1 – We have Art.  We’ll take our chapter 2 Math test on subtraction.mPizza Hut reading calendars should be returned by today (optional).

Friday, Nov. 2 – Teacher In- Service.  No school for students.

Looking Ahead –

Monday, Nov.5 – We have a spelling test.

Nov. 7, 8 & 9 – Parent conferences and 1:30 early dismissals.  Please send a note or email our secretary with all transportation changes.

Nov. 21 – 1:30 early dismissal

Nov. 22-27 – Thanksgiving Break

Parents, Grandparents, and Friends of our class are welcome to contact me if they would like to be our “Mystery Reader.”  I can fill you in on the details.  We LOVE having new readers in our room!

Friday Reminders

Please dress the kids in warm clothing.  Two of our fall fest stations will be outside.  We also have phys. ed. so everyone should be wearing sneakers.

Tomorrow is our pink out day.  Wear pink to school or your pink out shirt if you purchased one!

We have book exchange!  Please send all library books to school.


We had such a great Run for FUNds on Friday!  Thanks to everyone who came out to cheeer us on!  We’re still in first place and hoping to get that class ice cream party!  Mrs. Tran’s class is hot on our tail followed by Mr. Heiney’s class!  Our donation window will be open until Nov. 2.  THANK YOU all for your support of Eshleman!

I also want to thank you for coming to our first grade parent night on Thursday and for sending in so many Box Tops!  You guys are awesome!

This week:

Monday, 10/22 – We have phys. ed.  We’ll continue to practice subtraction.

Tuesday, 10/23 – We have Art and a guidance lesson with Mrs. Strosser.

Wednesday, 10/24 – I ‘ll have a substitute while I pull each of the kids to read individually.  Our special is applied engineering.

Thursday, 10/25 – We have  Music.

Friday, 10/26– Our special is Phys. Ed.  We will have our first grade fall festival in the afternoon!  We have book exchange today.  Please send library books back to school.  We have a spelling test today!

Today is the district wide Pink Out Day.  Send the kids to school wearing their pink!

Looking Ahead:

Pizza Hut Book It calendars may be sent to school beginning next week (this is an optional activity).

Friday, Nov. 2 – No school for students

Monday, Nov. 5 – PTO meeting at 6:30.  Come join the fun!

Wednesday, Nov. 7 – 1:30 early dismissal and evening conferences

Thursday, Nov. 8 – 1:30 early dismissal and conferences

Friday, Nov. 9 – 1:30 early dismissal and conferences

Please call the office or send in a note for all transportation changes.  Thanks!

Friday’s FUNds Run

All student will be outside for our FUNds Run on Friday from 9:15-11:30.  Please dress your student in comfy clothing and sneakers since all students will be participating in the fun run.  Students will be rotating to stations and will have the opportunity to run two times.   Our running times begin at 9:45 and 11:00. You are welcome to come cheer on all of the students at Eshleman!

Crazy Hair Day!

Eshleman has reached the next donation goal for our Run for FUNds.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Crazy Hair Day.  Send those kids to school with bed head, ponytails, colors, spikes, or whatever you can come up with!  Thanks for helping our school!  Our class is still in first place however I have heard through the grapevine that Mrs. Becker’s class is determined to get to first place!  It’s not too late to send in labels or make a donation on line!

October 15-19

First, let me say “Thank you” for accepting our Eshleman Run For FUNds challenge!  Our class is currently the top fundraising class and I hope we can hold on to our lead.  If you sent labels to school, letters have been mailed!  It’s not too late to send in labels if you haven’t already, and cash donations are welcome too!  Thanks for helping our school!

Family members are invited to watch us run on Friday, October 19th.  I’ll send home a time as soon as I know our schedule.  It will be in the morning!

Monday, October 15 – We have Music.  Please practice spelling words.  Please send conference planning sheets to school if you haven’t already.

Tuesday, October 16 – We have a spelling test on our short “o” words.  We have book exchange today.  Our special is Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, October 17 – Our special is Art class.  We’ll have our second guidance lesson with Mrs. Strosser (about how to be a friend and a good citizen in school).  New spelling words will come home.

Thursday, October 18 – We’ll have a special treat this morning – Future teachers from MU will be coming over to present a science fair to our students!  They always do an outstanding job providing first graders with many hands on activities!  Thursday night is our first grade parent night from 6-8.  Pizza will be provided from 6-6:20.  Students will stay and play in the gym while parents join Mr. Heiney, Ms. Wilson, and myself in the library.

Friday, October 19 –  Box Tops and dimes are due for the PTO.

Today is a 1:30 early dismissal.  Please call the office with any transportation changes.  Today is the Eshleman Run for FUNds.  Please join us to cheer on the students.

A few new items:

Reading groups are up and running.  Please look for your child’s red reading folder to come home each day.  Inside may be a book that we’re reading, or an activity that we did during our reading group time.  You don’t need to complete any activities or worksheets.  We’ll continue that at school.

I’ve also sent home Pink high frequency word booklets along with a letter explaining how they work.  Please practice the words on your child’s list for a few minutes each night.  If the list is challenging, please work on just 3 words at a time.  We don’t want this practice to be frustrating for your student.  

Math flash cards have been sent home with everyone too.  We call this our “bubble gum math” because the kids earn paper gum balls on a gumball machine each time they complete a level.  Our classroom aide tests the kids on their Math facts.  She’s only in our room a short time so she may not be able to test your student the day s/he returns their paper.  

Please keep in mind that it’s not a race to see how fast students can master their sight words and math flash cards.  Students should work at their own pace.  Slow and right is better than fast and wrong at this point in the school year.  Thanks for your help practicing at home!

First Grade Fall Fest

On Friday, October 26 first graders will be having a fall festival.  We’ll combine with Mr. Heiney’s class from 1:00-2:30 PM to make crafts and play games.  Volunteers are needed to help run some of our stations.  Parents with PM clearances are welcome to sign up to volunteer using the link below.  If you’re not able to attend, please feel free to check out some of the donations we need for our activities. 

Here is the link…

Parents who don’t have Penn Manor clearances are encouraged to apply for them so you can join in on our upcoming activities.  Thank you!

Eshleman Run for FUNds

Students who have raised $10 for our school earned extra recess.  I’ve been keeping these coupons at school until your child receives extra recess, and then they will come home in the Froggy Folder for you to keep.

Several students have raised $50 for our school and have earned a $5.00 voucher to shop at the book fair in November.  I’m also keeping these at school so they don’t get misplaced.  Please let me know if you would prefer to have the book fair voucher come home.