Monthly Archives: December 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

a busy week in first grade!

Monday, December 17 – Our special is Phys. Ed.  We’ll have a dental presentation in the afternoon.  We have book exchange.  It’s Eshleman PJ’s day.  Dr. Cox has invited the entire school to wear their PJ’s to school!

Tuesday, December 18 – We have Art.  It’s wear a holiday or tacky sweater/shirt to school day.  We have 2 mystery readers coming in today, lucky us!  Please study spelling words for our test on Thursday.  

Wednesday, December 19 – Our special is Applied Engineering.  It’s wear a holiday hat or headband day @ Eshleman.  We will enjoy soft serve ice cream this afternoon for raising the most donations for the Eshleman Run for FUNds.  Thank you for your support!  Please study spelling words for our test on Thursday!

Thursday, December 20 – Our special is Music.  It’s crazy sock day at Eshleman.  We’ll have a Gingerbread Day at school after we take our spelling test!

Friday, December 21 – Today is a 1:30 early dismissal.  Enjoy the long holiday break with your family!  We’re going to do a candy cane science experiment.  

Funny Story –  A snowman arrived in our room last week.  He was wrapped in a very cold package and he likes warm hugs.  We placed him in our room and somehow he magically moves to a new spot each morning before the kids arrive at school.  (I may have a little something to do with this, SHHHH).  Recently, we noticed that each day after lunch, our snowman moves again!  (Only I have absolutely nothing to do with this second move)!  Someone in our school is having some fun with our snowman!  Let me know if you hear who it is!

Looking Ahead:

December 24-31 –  No School

January 1, 2019 –  No School

January 2, 2019 – Send ’em back to school.  New spelling words will come home.  We’ll continue to learn about our community.  We’ll continue with chapter 4 in Math (Ways to make subtraction faster).

Hold on tight….

We’ve got a lot going on the next few weeks!

Monday, December 10 – Winter chorus/band concert.  We’ll watch the big kids sing and play their instruments.  Book orders are due today.  Our special is Music.

Tuesday, December 11 – We’ll have a mystery reader come in today!  Our special is Phys. Ed.  We do NOT have book exchange today.  

Wednesday, December 12 – We have our OR/ORE spelling test.  Our special is Art.

Thursday, December 13 – GRINCH DAY! We’ll have many green inspired activities!  Feel free to dress the kids in green!  Our special is Applied Engineering.  New spelling words will come home.

Friday, December 14 – Box Tops are due for the PTO.  A mystery reader will come in to read.  Our special is Music.  A firefighter will be coming in to talk to our class about his job!

Looking Ahead:  Eshleman Spirit Week:

12/17 – Wear jammies or jeans 

12/18 – Wear a tacky or holiday sweater or shirt

12/19 – Wear a holiday hat or headband

12/20 – Wear some crazy, mismatched or holiday socks

12/21 -1:30 early dismissal.  Please contact the office with any transportation changes.

No School December 24-31.

No School January 1, 2019