Monday, January 28 – Our special is Art. Please study for our QU/WH spelling test tomorrow. Pizza Hut reading logs may be sent to school any day this week. We’ll have a mystery reader this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 29 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers. Today is our QU/WH baby shower. Send the kids to school with items that have these letters in them. They will be returned to you! Our spelling test is today.

Wednesday, January 30– Our special is music. We’ll get new spelling words today.

Thursday, January 31 – Our special is library. Please send library books back to school for book exchange.

Friday, February 1 – Today is our 100th day of school celebration! Students are welcome to dress like a 100 year old! We’ll have a celebration in the afternoon! Please continue to study math facts with your child for a few minutes each night. Enjoy your weekend!