I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Let’s hope for 4 full days of school this week! Take a look at what’s happening in first grade….

Tuesday, February 19 – Our special is Art. We’ll have a probation officer come in to talk to us about her job as a community helper! Our special is Art. We’ll take a math review and make corrections together in preparation for our Math test on Wednesday. Study LE spelling words tonight.

Wednesday, February 20 – Our special is phys. ed. Send the kids to school wearing sneakers and comfy clothes. We have a spelling test and a chapter 5 Math test today. We may even throw in a timed Math fact test! Have you been practicing Math facts at home for a few minutes each night?

Thursday, February 21 – Our special is Music. We’ll get a new spelling list and begin Chapter 6 in Math (adding tens). Miss Fagen will be teaching the class about “push and pull” all this week. We’ll count golden tickets today and have our Fun Friday reward a day early.

Friday, February 22 – Today is “Kids at work Day” sponsored by our guidance department. Students are welcome to dress up like a profession they may want to be when they are older. We’re going to have a special “Freaky Friday” surprise from Dr. Cox this afternoon. Have you ordered your tickets to see the PMHS production of this show?

Most nights students should be spending some time reviewing:

1.Math Facts (timed math facts will be graded on the MP3 report card). I know this can be stressful for some students, and I try my best to make it fun. I encourage the kids to try to get a few more math facts finished on each test.

2. sight word books (students will have a chance to test on these words 2 or more times a week).

3. spelling words – our spelling sound is listed on the sheet your student brings home each cycle. Help your child break the word into small parts to make spelling it easier. Think – is there a small word within the big word, is there a letter combination they already know (ing, ed, le, etc…).

4. reading book (from the red reading folder) Not only are we reading to decode tricky words, but we’re focusing on understanding what we read. You can help by talking to your child about the pages you read together. What do you think will happen next? Who is your favorite character? What is the problem in the story? Why did the author write this story? Please don’t read past the sticky note. This way I can see what the kids are doing when they come to a tricky word.

All of these things combined shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes a night. Spend the majority of your night having fun with your family and enjoying time with your child! They work hard during the school day and need a lot of play time when they get home from school!

Looking Ahead:

Friday, March 1 – 1:30 early dismissal

Saturday, March 2 – Read Across America Day @ Millersville University

Dr. Seuss activities will be held from 10-1 in Stayer Hall.

Friday, March 22 – 1:30 early dismissal

Friday, March 29 – School is in session (make up day from 2/11)