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Freaky Friday

In anticipation of the High School spring musical “Freaky Friday” Eshleman will be having our own Freaky Friday dress up day on Friday. Students are welcome to dress like an adult – mom, friends, teachers, etc.   You just may see some Eshleman teachers dressing like the kids!

We didn’t count tickets or have Fun Friday last week due to our crazy school schedule. We’ll carry those tickets over to this week.

Monday, February 4 – Our special is Art. Report card covers and comment sheets should be returned to school this week. Please let me know if you have any questions about the report card. Miss Wilson will be scheduling reading conferences, and I will attend as many as I am able.

Tuesday, February 5 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers. Please practice spelling words and math flash cards for a few minutes each night.

Wednesday, February 6 – Our special is Music. Please study spelling word for our test on Thursday. If you need paper to make Valentines for our class please let me know. Valentines may be sent to school beginning Monday, February 11.

Thursday, February 7 – We have library and book exchange. NEW – We have book exchange every time we have library instruction. Please place library books into student backpacks after you read them so they are always in school for book exchange. We’ll have our spelling test today.

Friday, February 8 – Our special is Art. Today is Freaky Friday spirit day at Eshleman. More details to follow! We’ll get new spelling words today. Come back to school tonight at 6 PM to have some fun with your friends at our PTO movie night.

Looking Ahead: Students will have Mrs. Stoner as their substitute next week. She’s awesome!

Tuesday, February 12 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words for our test on Friday.

Monday, February 11 – Valentines may be sent to school. Please have your child sign their name on the “From” part of the card, but leave the “To” blank. This will make it easier for students to drop their Valentines into their friends’ Valentine bags without having to read and find a matching name. Our special is Phys. Ed.

Wednesday, February 13 – We have library and book exchange. Please send library books to school. Matt Moore, weatherman from WGAL will visit Eshleman to talk to both first grade classes about his job! Tomorrow is our Valentine party. Please send Valentines to school.

Thursday, February 14 – Our special is Art. Today begins our our PTO Gertrude Hawk candy fundraiser. We’ll have some a Valentine party this afternoon including some candy heart science!

Friday, February 15 – School is in session. Our spelling test is today. New spelling words will come home on Tuesday. We’ll count tickets and have Fun Friday in the afternoon. Our special is phys.ed

Monday, February 18 – No School

Report cards

Today report cards are being sent home with your child. I’m so proud of each of the kids. They have grown in so many ways!  There are a few things that are in the envelope.  The first is the report card.  You can keep this copy with you at home. There is also an optional comment sheet.  Please feel free to write comments about the report card.  If you have any questions, this is the paper where you will place it.  There may also be reports from other teachers in the building.  Please return the envelope and comment sheet to school by Friday, February 8.