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Monday, April 1 – Happy April Fool’s Day! Today students will receive “brown e’s as a treat..” They’re made out of brown paper. But of course I’m giving them delicious brownies they may eat, too! Our special is Art class.

Tuesday, April 2 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.

Wednesday, April 3 – Our special is Music. Please continue to work on Spelling words for a few minutes each night.

Thursday, April 4 – Our special Library. Please send library books to school today. We have a spelling test,

Friday, April 5 – Our special is Art. New spelling words will come home.

Looking Ahead:

April 18 – We have school

April 19 – No school

April 22 – No school

Thank you for all of the science donations! We had so much fun while we were learning about mixtures and solutions!

Monday, March 25 – Please continue to practice spelling words and Math facts at home each night. Our special today is library and book exchange. Please send library books to school. We’ll be taking a Benchmark test today. This is a review of our last two Math chapters. We’ll learn about mixtures in science by making trail mix!

Tuesday, March 26 – A mystery reader will join us today. Our special is Art. Mrs. Beard will join us for our second Junior Achievement lesson. We’ll begin our chapter 8 Math lesson on measurement and time. Today is the last day of MP 3.

Wednesday, March 27 – We have a spelling test today. We have a mystery reader joining us today, too! We’ll learn about solutions in science by making lemonade.

Thursday, March 28 – New spelling words will come home. Our special is Music. We’ll learn about dissolving in science. Ms. Fagen will teach our Math lesson today – how fun!

Friday, March 29 – Our special is library and book exchange again. Isn’t it nice the kids get to exchange their books weekly with our librarian Mrs. Paules? Today is a snow make up day.

Pizza Hut reading logs for March may be returned at any time. This will be our last reading calendar of the school year!

Our next spelling test will be on Thursday, April 4.

Report cards will come home on April 8.

Mark your calendar: Snow make up days

Thursday, April 18 – school is in session

Spring Break – 4/19 & 4/22

May 24 – School is in session

We had such a fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Friday! The kids were so excited to check their leprechaun traps when they arrived at school. Everyone was a little wild, but I asked for that by making leprechaun traps and turning the room upside down, now didn’t I? We made a rainbow during science using various colored liquids. We continued our Math unit by sorting, tallying, and graphing our Lucky Charms marshmallows. We wrote a book about why we feel lucky, and it will be coming your way soon!

This week:

Monday, March 18 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words for our test tomorrow. We’ll take a timed Math fact test. Please practice Math flash cards for a few minutes each night. We’re going to learn about mixtures.

Tuesday, March 19 – We’ll have our spelling test and library/book exchange. We’ll learn how temperature can change a solid. We’ll learn about solutions!

Wednesday, March 20 – Our special is Art. New spelling words will come home today.

Thursday, March 21 – We have Phys. Ed.. We’re learning about reversible and non reversible changes in science.

Friday, March 22 – Our special is Music. We’ll take our Chapter 7 Math test on graphing.

Today is a 1:30 early dismissal day. Please contact Mrs. Rohrer in the office with any transportation changes.

Thank you for all of the science donations. We’re going to have a fun week of experimenting!

If you or a family member would like to come in to be a mystery reader, feel free to email so we can choose a time for you to come in.

We could use a few items for science…

Our unit on matter and dissolving is so much fun! We could use a few supplies by Monday if you wouldn’t mind sharing… If you plant to donate something end me and email and I will update our blog with items that have been taken! Thank you so much!

lemonade mix (1 container)

coffee grounds (1 ziplock bag full) (Donated, thanks!)

baby powder (1 container) (donated, thanks!)

mini marshmallows (1 bag) DONATED, THANKS!

pretzel sticks (1 bag)

oregano (1 small jar)

baking soda (1 box) (donated, thanks!)

flour (1 ziplock bag full) (donated, thanks!)

m and m’s (1 bag)

light corn syrup (1 bottle) (donated, thanks!)

food coloring (variety pack)

Kids Heart Challenge

First graders in 1-T are invited by Mr. McCabe to participate in a JUMP PARTY during Phys. Ed. Class on Friday, March 15. Students are welcome (but not required) to bring a HEALTHY snack along for the celebration. Be sure to clearly label you child’s snack if you send one to school. Please do not send along drinks.

Monday, March 10 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers and comfy clothes. We have a spelling test today and a chapter 7 math test.

Tuesday, March 11 – We have music. We’ll have a visit from a mystery reader today! We’re making leprechaun traps so we can have some fun on Friday trying to catch that sneaky guy. Feel free to send a shoebox to school if your child would like to make his/her own trap. I have shoeboxes for the kids to share! New spelling words will come home today.

Wednesday, March 12 – We finished our unit on push and pull and will begin a unit on matter. We’ll have fun learning about reversible and irreversible changes and what happens to an object when it’s heated! Our special is library with book exchange.

Thursday, March 13 – Our special is Art. We’ll set out our leprechaun traps today!

Friday, March 14 – Our special is Phys. Ed. again. It’s not too late to send in your donations for Jump Rope for Heart! All donations are appreciated! We’ll be celebrating St. Patricks day early. It will be a fun day!

Mark your calendar – This Friday is Eshleman BINGO sponsored by our PTO. I hope your family will be able to join us for this fun event. BINGO begins at 6 PM. Enter through the doors by the gym.

We’re sending home our class pet “Pete.” All students will have a chance to keep Pete at home for 2 days. Enjoy spending time with him and taking him with your family on your adventures. We can’t wait to see the story your child writes about his/her time with Pete when you send him back to school!

We’re also taking turns sending home our class book “Love is…” We love reading the comments you write in the back of our book! Thank you!