We could use a few items for science…

Our unit on matter and dissolving is so much fun! We could use a few supplies by Monday if you wouldn’t mind sharing… If you plant to donate something end me and email and I will update our blog with items that have been taken! Thank you so much!

lemonade mix (1 container)

coffee grounds (1 ziplock bag full) (Donated, thanks!)

baby powder (1 container) (donated, thanks!)

mini marshmallows (1 bag) DONATED, THANKS!

pretzel sticks (1 bag)

oregano (1 small jar)

baking soda (1 box) (donated, thanks!)

flour (1 ziplock bag full) (donated, thanks!)

m and m’s (1 bag)

light corn syrup (1 bottle) (donated, thanks!)

food coloring (variety pack)