We had such a fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Friday! The kids were so excited to check their leprechaun traps when they arrived at school. Everyone was a little wild, but I asked for that by making leprechaun traps and turning the room upside down, now didn’t I? We made a rainbow during science using various colored liquids. We continued our Math unit by sorting, tallying, and graphing our Lucky Charms marshmallows. We wrote a book about why we feel lucky, and it will be coming your way soon!

This week:

Monday, March 18 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words for our test tomorrow. We’ll take a timed Math fact test. Please practice Math flash cards for a few minutes each night. We’re going to learn about mixtures.

Tuesday, March 19 – We’ll have our spelling test and library/book exchange. We’ll learn how temperature can change a solid. We’ll learn about solutions!

Wednesday, March 20 – Our special is Art. New spelling words will come home today.

Thursday, March 21 – We have Phys. Ed.. We’re learning about reversible and non reversible changes in science.

Friday, March 22 – Our special is Music. We’ll take our Chapter 7 Math test on graphing.

Today is a 1:30 early dismissal day. Please contact Mrs. Rohrer in the office with any transportation changes.

Thank you for all of the science donations. We’re going to have a fun week of experimenting!

If you or a family member would like to come in to be a mystery reader, feel free to email so we can choose a time for you to come in.