Monday, March 25 – Please continue to practice spelling words and Math facts at home each night. Our special today is library and book exchange. Please send library books to school. We’ll be taking a Benchmark test today. This is a review of our last two Math chapters. We’ll learn about mixtures in science by making trail mix!

Tuesday, March 26 – A mystery reader will join us today. Our special is Art. Mrs. Beard will join us for our second Junior Achievement lesson. We’ll begin our chapter 8 Math lesson on measurement and time. Today is the last day of MP 3.

Wednesday, March 27 – We have a spelling test today. We have a mystery reader joining us today, too! We’ll learn about solutions in science by making lemonade.

Thursday, March 28 – New spelling words will come home. Our special is Music. We’ll learn about dissolving in science. Ms. Fagen will teach our Math lesson today – how fun!

Friday, March 29 – Our special is library and book exchange again. Isn’t it nice the kids get to exchange their books weekly with our librarian Mrs. Paules? Today is a snow make up day.

Pizza Hut reading logs for March may be returned at any time. This will be our last reading calendar of the school year!

Our next spelling test will be on Thursday, April 4.

Report cards will come home on April 8.

Mark your calendar: Snow make up days

Thursday, April 18 – school is in session

Spring Break – 4/19 & 4/22

May 24 – School is in session