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Tuesday, May 28 – We’ll be playing cooperative kickball with Mr. Heiney’s class in the afternoon.  Send the kids to school wearing sneakers.

A Lunch – Ham and Cheese munchable    B lunch – Chicken Patty

Our special is Music.                                                                                           

Wednesday, May 29 – We’ll being making smoothies using ingredients from the garden at Eshleman.  Our special is Library.  There will be no book exchange for the remainder of the year.

A lunch – Pulled Pork                B lunch-    Chicken Patty

Thursday, May 30 – First grade water fun at Eshleman.  See note above for details.  Our special is Art. 

A lunch – pizza             B lunch –  Chicken Patty

Friday, May 31 – Doorbell Rang in 1-T.  Show times are 11:00AM and 2:00 PM.

Please check in at the office before coming to our room.  Our special is Phys. Ed. 

A lunch – Beef BBQ           B lunch –   Chicken Patty

Monday, June 3 – Game Day.  Students may bring a game in to play with friends.  (card games are OK too).  Please place your child’s name on the game if you send one to school.   Our special is Music.

A lunch  – Hamburger      B lunch –  Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, June 4– Book Swap in 1-T.  I have books for the kids to trade, but if you have any at home you would like to swap feel free to send them in to school.   Our special is library. 

A lunch – Brunch for Lunch          B lunch – Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Wednesday, June 5 – Last day of school.  Report cards come home. 

 11:30 dismissal time.  No lunch will be served.  Please contact the office with transportation changes.  Enjoy your summer! It’s been a great year! 

            1st Grade Water Fun – Get Ready to Get Wet!

Date:  Thursday, May 30

Location:  Eshleman Elementary School

What:  We will be outside having fun playing water games the last 1/2 of our day.

Details:  The kids will get wet! How wet they get will be up to their discretion.

Please send your child to school wearing a bathing suit.  Everyone should bring a beach towel labeled with their name.

Boys:  Wear your swim trunks and a t-shirt to school.

Girls:  Wear your bathing suit underneath your regular clothes.

We will not be taking time to change into or out of bathing suits.  Please send your child to school wearing a suit with clothing on top as listed above.

We will try to stop our water fun 15 minutes before school ends so the kids have time to dry off.  They will come home wet.  We will not be changing into dry clothes at school but they will put their street clothing on top of their suits to go to special and come home. 

We could use a few parent volunteers to help with this fun activity.  If you are able to help please contact me at

We are also in need of filled water balloons for this fun day.  If you are able to drop off 2 dozen filled water balloons prior to 1 PM on May 30, please let me know.  The kids will be so grateful!

Thank you so much!

We had such a fun field trip with the kids last week! Everyone was well behaved and couldn’t seem to get enough of the science factory!

I had a chance to read with the kids individually on Thursday – WOW! Are they growing! I’m so proud of them!

Monday, 5/13 – Our special is Phys. Ed. We have Awesome Activites Day tomorrow. Our class should wear blue shirts and sneakers. You may want to send along a change of shoes and socks. The grass may still be wet on Tuesday because of all the rain we’ve had. We’ll take our last timed addition and subtraction test.

Tuesday, 5/14 – Our special is PE. We’ll have that in the morning and also have Awesome Activities Day in the afternoon. Send the kids to school wearing comfy clothing and sneakers. Practice Math facts at home for a few minutes each night.

Wednesday, 5/15 – We have Music. Please study for tomorrow’s spelling test. We’re practicing our Doorbell Rang play each day at school. You are invited to attend one of our performances on May 31. Showtimes are 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM. We have two casts, so I’ll let you know which show your first grader is in soon!

Thursday, 5/16 – Our special is Library. Please return library books to school. We have a spelling test today. We’ll also take our chapter 10 Math test on 3D shapes. We’ll eat the parts of a plant today!

Friday, 5/17 – Our special is Art. Mr. Hardy will come in to teach us about plants. We’ll also go out to the Eshleman garden to harvest the spinach and radishes we planted. Mrs. Tran’s class will join us. We’ll harvest and wash everything in the morning, and eat a salad in the afternoon!

Have you heard that our three class tadpoles are growing and doing well? They are so fun to watch!

A busy week ahead –

Monday, May 6 – We’ll shop at the book fair first thing at 9:05. Parents are welcome to meet us in the library to help their student shop. If you would like your child to shop for books, please send them to school with their money in an envelope. Our long I spelling test will be tomorrow. Our special is library and book exchange.

Tuesday, May 7 – We’ll have a spelling test today. We’re lucky to have a honeybee presentation today. Ask your kiddo what they learned. We have Art today.

Wednesday, May 8 – Today is our FIELD TRIP! It’s also picture day. We’ll get our pictures taken before we leave for our field trip. Students should wear sneakers for our field trip since we’ll be ending our day at Daniel’s Den playground. Our special will be phys. ed. after our field trip.

Thursday, May 9 – New spelling words will be sent home today. I’ll have a substitute so I can pull the kids individually to read. Our special is Music. The Eshleman food fair is tonight. Stop by to sample some food from around the world! The fun is from 5:30-7:30.

Friday, May 10 – Today is a 1:30 early dismissal day. Please contact the office if you have transportation changes. I’ll have a substitute and Miss Fagan will be here all day to assist with the class. Today is Miss Fagan’s last day of school at Eshleman. We’ll give her some cards and play some games with her. We have library and book exchange again.

Looking Ahead:

May 14 – Today is Eshleman Awesome Activity Day. Mr. McCabe will let us know what color shirt we will be wearing.