Tuesday, May 28 – We’ll be playing cooperative kickball with Mr. Heiney’s class in the afternoon.  Send the kids to school wearing sneakers.

A Lunch – Ham and Cheese munchable    B lunch – Chicken Patty

Our special is Music.                                                                                           

Wednesday, May 29 – We’ll being making smoothies using ingredients from the garden at Eshleman.  Our special is Library.  There will be no book exchange for the remainder of the year.

A lunch – Pulled Pork                B lunch-    Chicken Patty

Thursday, May 30 – First grade water fun at Eshleman.  See note above for details.  Our special is Art. 

A lunch – pizza             B lunch –  Chicken Patty

Friday, May 31 – Doorbell Rang in 1-T.  Show times are 11:00AM and 2:00 PM.

Please check in at the office before coming to our room.  Our special is Phys. Ed. 

A lunch – Beef BBQ           B lunch –   Chicken Patty

Monday, June 3 – Game Day.  Students may bring a game in to play with friends.  (card games are OK too).  Please place your child’s name on the game if you send one to school.   Our special is Music.

A lunch  – Hamburger      B lunch –  Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday, June 4– Book Swap in 1-T.  I have books for the kids to trade, but if you have any at home you would like to swap feel free to send them in to school.   Our special is library. 

A lunch – Brunch for Lunch          B lunch – Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Wednesday, June 5 – Last day of school.  Report cards come home. 

 11:30 dismissal time.  No lunch will be served.  Please contact the office with transportation changes.  Enjoy your summer! It’s been a great year!