First Day Lunch

As promised:  Lunch on the first day of school is:

A-Breaded Chicken Patty. 

B-Egg McComet. 

C-Peanut butter & Jelly.

D-Yogurt and string cheese. 

Please send any lunch money to school in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name and 1-T. Students should give the money to me (I will remind them). I’ll send all money to the cafeteria to be placed in your child’s lunch account. Change is not given to students. Extra money you send to school will be kept in your child’s account for future purchases.

A Lunch on the second day of school – Pasta with meat sauce and salad

A lunch on the third day of school – Italian cheese pizza

B lunch remains the same for the entire week (Egg McComet)

Peanut butter and Jelly and Yogurt and string cheese are offered every day.