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Such an Awesome Week!

Thank you for all of the apple/caramel donations. We had fun making applesauce, eating each color of apple, and doing some apple crafts!

The kids did a nice job on their spelling test! I’m proud of each of my friends!

Eshleman has started a “house system” where the kids and staff are sorted into team (also called houses). Each house has a special color, animal and power. I’m in the purple house called “Ohana.” Our color is purple, our power is family, and our animal is a dolphin (have you ever read a story about how dolphins saved a surfer from a shark attack?).

Today all of the kids in the school were sorted into their houses. First graders were welcomed to their house by our 6th graders who cheered and clapped for them as they opened their envelope to reveal a color.

Our house system will help to build a feeling of community. Not only will your child get to know me and their specialist teachers, but now they will have the opportunity to meet other (future) teachers and students from other grades. They will know they are loved and cared for by many people at Eshleman!

Next week we’ll begin a friendly “house” competition. Students will have an opportunity to earn points for their house. Points can be earned for being responsible, kind, friendly, hard working, etc… These points will be tallied weekly. At the end of each marking period the house with the most points will get a House reward of some kind.

Houses will meet together periodically to do a house activity and get to know others in their house. This is going to be so much fun! Stay tuned for more of the excitement!

We didn’t get to count our golden tickets today, so we’ll do that on Monday.

Monday, September 30 Today we have book exchange. New spelling words will come home. Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers.

Small reading groups will begin. Be sure to look in your child’s back pack each night for their “red reading folder.” If there is a book inside, please read with your child up to the book marker. Send this folder back to school every day. Students will reread their books several times before getting a new one. This helps to build fluency.

Tuesday, October 1 – Our special is Art. Mrs. Strosser will begin her lessons on “How to be a Peacemaker.”

Wednesday, October 2 – We”ll have a mystery reader today. Please study spelling words for a few minutes each night. Miss Trish and Declan the Dog will be in to read stories with us 2 at a time. Our special is Applied Engineering. Mr. Kelley will be out until December. Mr. Rathsmus will be his substitute teacher.

We have pictures today. If you would like to order pictures please send your picture order form to school. I have some order forms already! EVERYONE will get their picture taken for the Eshleman yearbook, even if you aren’t purchasing pictures. Our picture time is at the end of our day. I’ll try to keep them looking their best!!

Thursday, October 3 – We have music. Please study spelling words for our test on Monday.

Friday, October 4 – Our special is Phys. ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers. Today we’ll have an assembly to introduce the “Eshleman Run for Funds” which will be held on October 25. Parents are welcome to come cheer on our students . I can let you know the running schedule closer to the time.

Looking Ahead:

October 14 – No School

October 21– PTO meeting, 6:30 in the library. All Eshleman parents are welcome to attend.

Oct. 25 – 1:30 Early dismissal

What a fun day we had on Thursday! Our classroom was transformed into Candy land and we had fun learning with gummy worms and smarties! In the afternoon the kids were treated to an escape room adventure with Mr. Heiney!

Next Friday we’ll have a special “apple day.” Thank you for the many donations. We are still in need of one more bag of yellow apples if anyone would like to donate some. Please send all donations to school by Wednesday, September 26. Thank you!

Reminders – Please send back your purple conference form so I am able to schedule a conference that is convenient for your schedule.

It’s not too late to send a family picture to school.

If you have been collecting Box Tops and dimes, please send them to school on Monday.

Next Week –

Monday, September 23 – Please practice spelling lists for our test on Friday. Our special is Music.

Tuesday, September 24 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers and comfy clothing. We’ll have a special mystery reader joining us today!

Wednesday, September 25 – Our special is Art. We’ll have a safe school drill today. A paper came home in your child’s froggy folder.

Thursday, September 26 – Our special today is Applied Engineering. Please study for tomorrow’s spelling test. Today we’ll have an all school assembly to learn about a school wide program that will help encourage students to follow the rules and to work together like a team. Every student in the school will be on a team with a mixture of staff members and students in grades 1-6. A letter will be coming home to explain this to you. Stay tuned to see what all of the excitement is about!

Friday, September 27 Today is a 1:30 early dismissal day. Please send transportation changes to Mrs. Rohrer in the office. We have a spelling test today. Our special is Music. We’re having an all things apple day today. We’ll be making a special homemade treat, and students will have a chance to do some awesome apple activities with some of Mr. Heiney’s friends. Today we will find out which school team we are on!

First Grade Fun…

Monday, September 16 – Our special is applied engineering. Please practice spelling words for a few minutes each night.

Tuesday, September 17 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words tonight.

Wednesday, September 18 – Our special is Phys. Ed. We have book exchange today. Please return library books to school to exchange for a new one! Our K-pets dog (Declan) will be in to visit with Miss Trish today!

Thursday, September 19 – Our special is Art. We’ll have a spelling test today. Mr. Heiney and I are both hosting a special theme day in our classrooms. Our class will have a chance to do some learning in Mr. Heiney’s room today while I teach Mr. Heiney’s class! I can’t wait for your student to tell you all about it!

Friday, September 20 – We have applied engineering again. New spelling words will come home today. Please sign and return spelling test 2 from yesterday. Enjoy your weekend!

September happenings:

It’s not too late to send a family picture to school to show you are part of the Eshleman family!

18 – Box Top and Dime collections are due for the PTO. Thanks for your support!

25–PTO Wayback Burger night

27–1:30 Early Dismissal. Please contact Mrs. Rohrer in the office with any transportation changes.

Looking Ahead:

Next week Mr. Heiney and I will be having an “Apple Day” with our first graders. We’ll be making applesauce in addition to doing other fun apple activities. If you are able to send in a bag of small red, yellow, or green apples, or a tub of caramel dip, please let me know. All donations will need to be sent to school or dropped off in the office by Wednesday, September 25. Thank you!

Mr. Heiney and I will be having a harvest party with our two classes on 10/31. We’re looking for parents who have approved PM clearances to come in to help run stations both inside and outside. All materials and supplies will be provided. We just need your smiling face! If you would like to come in to help between 12:15-2:30 on Thursday, October 31st please let me know. Thanks so much!

September 9-13

Monday, 9/9 – Or special is Art. The Eshleman PTO will meet in the library at 6:30 PM. All parents are welcome to attend and learn about what is going on at Esh this year! Please continue to practice spelling words for a few minutes each night!

Tuesday, 9/10 – Our special is applied engineering. Please practice spelling words for our test tomorrow. Scholastic book orders are due if you care to order any books for your student.

Wednesday, 9/11 – Our special is Music. We’ll have our first spelling test today.

Thursday, 9/12 – Spelling tests will come home. Please sign and return all tests back to school. Our special is Phys.Ed. Mr. McCabe would like to remind you to send your student to school wearing sneakers for phys.ed. New spelling words will come home today.

Friday, 9/13 – Our special is Art.

Reminder: Please continue to collect Box Tops and dimes for our PTO. The first collection date will be on September 18.

First Friday spirit day!

Each first Friday of the month the Eshleman PTO host a spirit day. This is a day that students and staff show they are part of the Eshleman family by wearing Eshleman or PM shirts, or blue and gold! Join the fun tomorrow as you are helping your child pick out their clothing for school!

Spelling words came home yesterday in your child’s froggy folder. The sound we are working on this week is short vowel “a.” Please hang the spelling list on your refrigerator so you remember to practice the words for a few minutes each night. Today we practiced writing our spelling words out on the playground using sidewalk chalk. Our first spelling test will be on Wednesday, 9/11. I know the first test can make some kids nervous, but once we take the first test they will feel better!

Did you hear we met DECLAN, an adorable service dog from K-PETS yesterday? Everyone who wanted to pet Declan got a turn to welcome him to Eshleman. He’ll be visiting our room to listen to us read, take walks, practice our Math facts etc….

Book orders are due on Tuesday, September 10 if you’re interested in ordering.

Tomorrow is our first book exchange. The kids will keep this book at home for approximately 8 days. I always suggest placing the book back into backpacks when you’re finished reading each night so it doesn’t get misplaced.

Have you heard that we continue to earn pieces of Mrs. Potato head for our super class behavior! I’m so proud of my first graders! We’ll count golden tickets tomorrow for a chance to earn a reward coupon.

A note about math – if the Math page come home on the “Keep at home” side of the froggy folder, there is no need for your student to complete the homework page. Only return it to school when it is on the “Return to School side.” Thanks for your help with homework! I appreciate you!

Our week ahead

Tuesday, September 2 – Welcome back! Our special is Art. Our class will talk about our school rules with Dr. Cox.

Wednesday, September 3 – Our special is applied engineering. Today our first spelling list will come home. We’ll have 6 school days to practice these words before the first test. We’ll meet the K-PETS dog who will be volunteering in our room this year! Students who are comfortable meeting the dog will have a chance to say hello and pet our new friend.

Thursday, September 4 – Our special is Music. Please practice spelling words for a few minutes each night. We’re beginning chapter one in our Math book. We’ll begin adding numbers this week.

Friday, September 5 – Our special is phys. ed. Please send the kids to school wearing sneakers and comfortable clothing. We’ll continue to learn and practice our school rules. We’ll have our first book exchange today with Mrs. Calendar.