Monthly Archives: January 2020

Our 100th day of school was a success! Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and volunteered their time. The kids had fun and Grandma Terry enjoyed getting to know the kids!

January Pizza Hut Reading logs may still be sent to school this week. February calendars were sent home on Friday.

Please sign and return the brown report card envelope. The comment sheet should be returned to school too, but the report card is yours to keep at home.

All students should have received their “Bubble Gum Math” practice paper. This is a math fact practice sheet. Practice the math facts together at home. Our goal is to have the kids memorize these facts. If learning these Math facts becomes too stressful, please let me know. We can modify the lists to help your student be successful.

Monday, February 3 – Our special is Music. We’re learning about groundhog’s Day and shadows!

Tuesday, February 4 – Our special is Library and book exchange.

Wednesday, February 5 – Our special is Art. We have a spelling test today. Miss Trish and Declan will be in to read with our class today. We love when they visit!

Thursday, February 6 – Our special is Phys. Ed. New spelling words will come home today.

Friday, February 7 – Our special is Music. We have an all school assembly and a house meeting today. Send the kids to school wearing their house shirts! Today is a 1:30 early dismissal day. Please contact the office with any transportation changes.

Monday, January 27 – Our special is Phys. Ed. Please study spelling words for the test tomorrow. Check your child’s backpack for a report card. Please sign and return the brown report card envelope. Everything inside is yours to keep.

Tuesday, January 28 – Our special is Music. We have a spelling test today. Please send an item to school for our QUintuplet baby shower. Please find something around your house, nothing should be purchased. I will have extra items for students who forget. Your baby shower gift should have the letters wh or qu in them because these are the sounds we’ve been learning this week. The item may be wrapped but it is not necessary. This item will be returned to you!

Wednesday, January 29– Our special is library. Please send library books back to school. New spelling words will be sent home today.

Thursday, January 30 – Our special is Art. Today is our 100th day of school celebration in the afternoon. Your donations are appreciated! Children are welcome to dress like they are 100. (shirt and tie, PJ’s and slippers, curlers, sweaters and pins, canes etc…). Parent helpers should plan to arrive at school by 12:30. Thank you!

Friday, January 31 – Our special is Art. Pizza Hut reading logs may be returned to school.

Valentine Exchange

We’ll have a Valentine’s Day exchange on Friday, February 14th. I’m including a list of friends in our class. We have 26 classmates. You should plan to give a Valentine to each student in our class if your child is participating in our exchange.

In the past I have found it to be helpful if your child signs his/her name on the Valentine they will be giving., but they don’t put the recipients name on the Valentine. This way Valentines can be dropped into any friend’s Valentine bag without having to read a name.

I’m including a list of names for those students who are able to read and prefer to write names on their Valentines.

Jeren Jaydion Malachi

Jacob Alaric Zayne

Lily Layla Tristan

Bella Noah Miles

Hazel Antonin Lincoln

Micah Christopher Micah (We have 2 Micah’s in our class)

Lilah Lana Camden

Lauren Autumn Jay’Dyn

Sophia Mila

I’ll also send home a paper copy of our Valentin list.

A note about PTO

I am passing along this message from Jeanette Knaub, Lilah’s mom, who is looking for people interested in helping organize Family Fun Nights at Eshleman (Movie and Bingo Nights).

  “I have co-chaired the committee for the past 8 years or so and would like to see some fresh faces take over this responsibility.  It was a fun and rewarding way to contribute to the positive culture at Eshleman Elementary when my kids were younger.  I am willing to be a mentor this year, slowly handing over the reins.  I have a lot of systems in place that would make it super easy to take over!  Please let me know if you are at all interested.  I would love to see these fun events continue at Eshleman!!  Send me an email at and I will be in touch. Thank you!” 

Reward Day in on Wednesday!

Just a reminder the children are allowed to wear warm PJ’s and bring a stuffed animal to school. They may wear slippers in our room but MUST have shoes on the bus and playground.

Feel free to send 100th day supplies in at any time if you signed up to donated something to our celebration. Thank you!

Monday, January 20 – No School. Enjoy your time with the kids!

Tuesday, January 21 – I will have a substitute today. Our special is Phys. Ed. New spelling words will come home today. Our test will be next Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 22 – Our special is Music. The class earned a reward for their great behavior! They voted on Pajama/stuffed animal day. Everyone is welcome to wear their warm PJ’s to school (slippers are fine but students must wear shoes on the bus and at recess). A stuffed animal that fits in a backpack is welcome too!

Thursday, January 23 – Our special is Library and book exchange. Please send books to school. Practice spelling words for a few minutes each night. Tonight is the PTO skating party at the Castle Rollerskating Rink. Everyone (and families) are welcome to join in on the fun!

Friday, January 24 – Our special is Art. We have a Mystery Reader coming to school today! We have a 1:30 early dismissal today. Please send any transportation changes to the school office via email or phone. Thank you!

Please register the kids on line for the Kids Heart Challenge at The class with the most students registered will receive a $50 Amazon card !!

Looking Ahead –

Monday, January 27 -Our special is Phys. Ed.

Tuesday, January 28 – We have a spelling test and a baby shower for our QUintuplets. More information about that will be sent home soon!

Thursday, January 30 – We will be celebrating the 100th day of school. Students are welcome to dress like they are 100 years old! Think suit, dress shirt and tie, dresses with sweaters and pearls, canes …. Parent volunteers are still needed. Check out our sign up genius above to join in on the fun!