Monthly Archives: March 2020

Class Reward!

Our class has been incredibly well mannered and kind and we were able to complete Mrs. Potato head. The class voted on a reward and the verdict is in…. tomorrow everyone may wear their PJ’s to school and bring a stuffed animal to school!

Congratulations first graders!!

A few reminders

Please send empty shoe boxes and book orders to school by Friday. Book orders will be due by Noon.

Please keep in mind that Friday is an early dismissal day @ 1:30. Please contact the office with any transportation changes.

Thank you!

Monday, March 9 – Our special is Music. We’ll continue to add tens and ones in Math and learn about matter in science. Please practice spelling words and bubble gum Math facts.

Tuesday, March 10 – Our special is library and book exchange. Please send library books to school. Please practice spelling words for our test tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11 – Our special is Art. We have a spelling test.

Thursday, March 12 – Our special is Phys. Ed. New spelling words come home today.

Friday, March 13 – Our special is Music. Today is a 1:30 early dismissal. Please contact the office with all transportation changes. Book orders are due today by Noon.

We need some empty shoe boxes for a project. Students who don’t have a shoe box will share with a friend. Please send them to school by Friday, labeled with your child’s name.


Thank you Evans family!

A huge thank you goes out to Tristan’s family for joining us this afternoon to teach first graders about electricity and circuits. The kids were so excited when they were able to complete a circuit and turn on a light bulb, and when they got to use a motor to make a disc fly into the air! We had so much fun as we learned!

Tomorrow is First Friday spirit day at Eshleman. Send the kids to school wearing their house shirt, an Eshleman or PM shirt, or something blue and gold.

Our special is Phys. Ed tomorrow.