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You can earn house points!

Here is the link to view the house point video from last week..:

Here is the link to the Google Form for students to complete to earn house points. You only need to complete the form once per week.

At the end of the video you will see some of our friends who are busy earning house points at home! I’m proud of you!

One of our classmates earned house points from me for writing a story using all of her spelling words! It was an amazing story and I loved seeing a video of her reading the story! Way to go above and beyond! I love that everyone is doing their best while learning from home!

On Friday during our Google Meet we will have a special guest! We will also be having a talent show. Please don’t be nervous about what you will do at our talent show! Make it fun! Here are some ideas but you may show us anything as your talent!!

Show us a trick you taught your pet, tell a joke, show us a picture you drew, say a poem, do a forward roll, show us a creation you have built, show us a plant you know how to take care of, show us something you have baked with your family! If your talent is a sport, it may be hard to show us what you can do while you’re inside your house! You could show us the shoes you wear, the ball you use, or the uniform or costume you wear to perform your sport!

I know you are each very special and talented and it will be fun for you to have your moment to SHINE! See you on Friday at 11:00 AM! Here is the link you can click to join!

Scholastic Order

Hi Parents,

Are you looking for some new books for the kids to read? I’ll be placing a Scholastic order to treat the kids to a book! If you would like to place an order of your own, feel free to order on the Scholastic Website using our class code NCC84. The books will be delivered to my house, and I’ll drop them at your front door! If interested, please place your order by Thursday, April 30 @ Noon. Thanks!

Have a Great Weekend!

It was such a treat to see everyone today, and I’m so happy a few new friends joined in on our meet! Last week I gave you a riddle to solve… What question are you never able to answer “yes.” You had some close guesses, but the question I was thinking of was “Are you sleeping?”

I’ll see you all next Friday @ 11 AM. Stay tuned for the next meeting theme and have a wonderful weekend!

Google Meet!

I’ m excited to see my first graders, siblings, and parents tomorrow @ 11:00! Our theme is Earth Day, and I’ll be asking the kids to share a way they can take care of our earth. I also have a game we’re going to play and we’re going to have a SURPRISE guest! Who do you think it will be?

Here are a few reminders for the Google Meet! Everything went so well last week! Thank you!

When you click the link, you will be asked for a nickname. Please type your child’s first name ONLY. I will need to “accept” your child into the meeting, so please give me a minute. I’ll be in our meet room around 10:50 to begin letting you in.

A few tips to help you navigate Google Meet

When the video function is enabled, we are basically looking into your home. Please be sure  that all family members are clothed and the background is suitable for viewing.

When someone talks or makes noise, you will see his/her picture on the screen. You can imagine with all of us in separate homes, there will likely be a lot of noises (dogs barking, siblings talking, microwaves beeping, etc.) which will make the screen keep jumping.

Please mute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom of your screen. If you are on a computer and don’t see it, hover your mouse arrow near the bottom and a gray  stripe will pop up on your screen.

If you want to turn your video off, you can click the video camera at the bottom of the screen. If you do this we won’t be able to see your smiling face!

If you wish to leave the meeting, you click the red phone at the bottom. If you accidentally leave the meeting, just go back to the link and re enter the same way you joined the first time.

If you have a question for me at any time about how to navigate something, there is a chat box on the right margin. If you type in that box, it will pop up, and I can answer your question.

I’m excited to see you on Friday!!

Something new to read!

Ranger Rick, Zoo Babies, Zoobies and more are free for parents to use in digital format until June! Reading non fiction can be harder than reading fiction stories, but don’t let that stop you! You can partner read with your student, or even read TO them each night before bed. Click on the link!

Free Digital Subscription! - NWF | Ranger Rick
First Graders enjoy reading non fiction text and learning about animals! When students are finished reading, they could make a picture of the animal using various colors of construction paper, paint, or crayons. Then they can write 3 fun facts about the animal and share it with your family! This may even give you some much needed time to yourself!

RANGERRICK.ORGFree Digital Subscription! – NWF | Ranger Rick

House points update! Our very own Micah makes an appearance at the end of this video!

A note from Dr. Cox –


Wow! Not only do you make responsible and respectful choices at school but this week you demonstrated it at home as well. Congratulations to House Kalosyni for earning the most house points this last week, however, the competition is close and any team can take the lead as we head into the 2nd week of the house competition at home. Remember:

  1. You may only earn points for one activity in each point category this week. 
  2. Make sure to have your parents or guardians complete the form by Saturday at Midnight. 
  3. Consider emailing pictures of you demonstrating responsible and respectful behaviors at home to

Here is the link to the House Points Form for the week of April 20th.

Google Meet on Friday!

Earth Day is on Wednesday, so this week during our Google Meet I’d like everyone to share how they can help take care of the earth! This can be as simple as turning the lights off before leaving a room, turning the water off while brushing your teeth, picking up litter, or planting a seed. It could also involve recycling or reducing waste by taking reusable bags to the grocery store. It will be fun to see what your family comes up with to share!

Next week we will begin moving forward with new first grade curriculum.  All activities will continue to be posted on the Penn Manor remote learning site.  Here you will find the first grade activities with the weekly checklist of assignments that first grade teachers across the district have prepared.  We have created videos to help teach your child next week. 

Our art, library, music, and phys. ed teachers have also prepared activities for your children! During school we go to one specialist each day. You may want to look at the activities provided and choose one activity to do each day. You may submit a picture of your child doing these activities directly to the specialist teacher.

I recognize that many of you are working, taking care of children, helping with school, and providing a stable, loving environment for your child so they feel calm and safe during these uncertain times. I hope that you are able to find some time for yourself, laugh with one another, and enjoy your extra time together. I do appreciate the time you spend helping your children learn and communicating with me, too!


Wendy Terry