First day in first grade!

Hello First Grade Families! I’m in the gym with the kids while Mr. McCabe is teaching phys. ed. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the kids today! We learned many procedures and rules, and they were good listeners! We went outside for some of our learning, and went to both of our classroom areas. We successfully learned where we go to the bathroom, how to properly wash our hands, how to get to the cafeteria, where we play at recess, and how to take a mask break. We also read a story about how to be a good friend! Ask the kids why we stepped on the big, red heart! There is a folder in your child’s book bag that contains either a Llama or Owl folder. Today there are papers on the “Return to School” side of the folder. That means it’s either homework for you or your child. Today it’s for you! If there are papers on the “Keep at home side” you know what to do with those! Sometimes the kids put papers on the wrong side, so if it looks like a paper that should be returned to school, that’s what may have happened! Thanks for sending the kids to school with sneakers, a water bottle and a mask! You guys are my superheros! Thanks for making today such a smooth start to the school year! It’s good to be back at Eshleman with my first grade friends!!