What a great day we had in first grade! The kids are doing a nice job wearing their masks and asking for a mask break as needed! We spend time in our “outside classroom” spread 6 feet apart where we’re able to remover our masks. Today we played Whack a mole to practice our letters, sounds, and Kdg. words. Ask your student how we played! We read a story called “Mean Jean the Recess Queen” and talked about ways to make friends on the playground. We also started some number writing practice. We have 5 lefties in our class! I think that’s a record for me! It was really fun to listen to the kids share the items in their “All about Me” bags. We have a lot of friends who like animals and building with Leggo!

Thursday is a 1:15 early dismissal day for Eshleman students. Please send a note to Jennifer.Rohrer@pennmanor.net with all transportation changes. We have no school on Friday, September 4 or Monday, September 7. I’ll see the kids again on Tuesday, September 8.

When we come back to school after Labor Day we will continue to see Mr. McCabe for Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing their sneakers. Lunch that week will be similar to this week’s lunch menu. Students will be able to choose PBJ, and Yogurt with string cheese every day. In addition, they will be offered the following selections: Tuesday – Turkey sandwich, Wednesday – McRib sandwich, Thursday – Hamburger, Friday – Pizza.

A note about my behavior management plan: Students will earn Gold Tickets for good behavior, great choices, a positive attitude, kind words, participation etc… to be used toward “buying” a coupon when they earn 10 tickets. A few examples of coupons are:

Stinky Feet – take your shoes off in school

Flip Flop fun – wear flip flops in school

Show us a Talent – Students may share something special with us – a cartwheel, a joke, sing a song, show us a picture they’ve drawn etc….

Fluffy Friend – Bring a stuffed animal to school

PJ Day – Wear your pajamas to school

Be the teacher helper for the day

Be the line leader for the day

Students learn quickly that earning gold tickets has its rewards. Students are motivated to earn as many as they can. I have found that eventually it becomes less about earning the coupon and more about becoming the best citizen that they can be. Students strive to earn tickets as fast as they can. Gold tags can also be taken away as a reminder to make good choices.

Parents often ask how many gold tags their child should be earning daily/weekly. The number is actually not that important. I believe in always looking for the positive. I will be communicating with parents if there is a behavior your child needs to work on. Please encourage your child’s good behavior, not the number of tags earned.

I’m looking forward to a great year! Enjoy the long weekend with your wonderful children. I love them so much already!