September 14-18

“A” lunch choices this week:

Monday – Cheeseburger

Tuesday – Chicken nuggets

Wednesday – Corn Dog

Thursday – Stuffed shells

Friday – French bread pizza

Students will continue to have PBJ and Yogurt with string cheese as options too.

Our special continues to be phys. Ed. all week. Thank you for sending the kids to school wearing sneakers!

In case you were wondering, students from both of my classrooms are able to see one another throughout the day. We meet outside after lunch for story time, they play together at recess, and they eat lunch with one another. It’s important to me that we feel like one big, wonderful, class!!

This week we learned a powerful message about the power of YET! It may be hard to ride a bike, tie a shoe, or read. That doesn’t mean we won’t learn to do those things, we just haven’t learned to do them YET!

I also showed the kids where the “calm down corner” is in our classrooms. This is a space where children may go when they need to regroup. If they are feeling tired, frustrated, or upset for any reason, or just need a break, they retreat to this area. I have fidgets for the kids to use and we also learned how to take some deep breaths to relax. Everything is disinfected between student use!

Next week I will receive student laptops for the class. They come in a padded carrying case for safe transporting to and from school. It will take us a while to learn how to navigate the computers. I’ll also be teaching the kids how to play some educational games and how to use the student version of SeeSaw. I’m going to keep the computers in our classroom for a few weeks just to make sure every student has a laptop as we are learning these computer skills. After that, students will be able to bring computers home nightly.

Please note that students will not be permitted to bring home a laptop without a signed lap top agreement. Most of you turned those in last week, thank you! I sent a new form home with your student if I haven’t received one.

Monday, September 14 – We’ll begin our Storytown reading program this week. Students will come home on Monday with their first spelling list. This list will contain 10 words with a short A sound. A letter explaining our spelling program in more detail will accompany this list. We’ll also begin our formal Math instruction today.

Tuesday, September 15 – Please help your student practice spelling words for a few minutes tonight. Our class will have book exchange with our library aide, Mrs. Calendar. She’ll spend time reading a book to the class, and helping them choose a book to bring home. Please send any library books that may still be at your house from Kdg. back to school.

Wednesday, September 16 – Please help your student practice spelling words for a few minutes each night. Make practice fun! Write them with chalk outside on the sidewalk! Sound out the words as your child writes each letter!

Thursday, September 17 – Please practice spelling words again for our test that will be tomorrow. Sometimes students are nervous to take their first spelling test. Please let them know that Mrs. Torres and I will help them, and remind them that nobody in our class has ever taken a spelling test! We’re all in this together!

Friday, September 18 – Spelling test day! As soon as tests are corrected, I’ll send them home with the kids. Please sign the top of the test paper by the “sign and return stamp” and send the test back to school. I like to keep these in my file until the end of the marking period.

The kids are still doing a spectacular job with their masks!! Let me know if you have any questions!