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I was allowed to go into Eshleman today for a short period of time to gather supplies that I need to continue teaching from home. That’s when I received the email stating school as we know it would be over for the year. I looked around our room. Our unfinished Leprechaun traps sat on chairs awaiting busy hands to adhere the finishing touches. Our Berenstain Bear Chapter book rested on my pink chair waiting for the kids to gather on the carpet so we could read another chapter together. Math cubes were on my desk, undoubtedly found on the floor by our amazing custodial staff who had been busy sanitizing our room. Tears rolled down my eyes. I miss the kids. I miss teaching them in person so I can hear their laughter and answer their questions.

My wish for you is that you are able to enjoy the slower pace of life right now. I also wish that you find joy in simple things like playing a game, preparing a family dinner, noticing the signs of spring, or appreciating the essential support workers who continue to care for us as we shelter in place. If you need something, please reach out.

There are no first grade learning opportunities on the Penn Manor Website for the rest of this week. On Monday, April 13th, we will continue our online learning opportunities with new and exciting curriculum for the last marking period of first grade. I will have office hours Monday through Friday from 11:00am-12:00pm. You may email me with questions or concerns and I will respond promptly. Of course, you may email me at anytime that is convenient to your schedule and I will get back to you in a timely manner. I would also like to set up a google hangout with the class, so we can all “see” one another again. More about that at another time.

Be well and safe,

Wendy Terry

Sight Word Practice

Hi Parents,

I hope you and your family are feeling well. I appreciate hearing from many of you about how the at home learning activities are going with your child! Of course, I love all of the pictures too! I’m going to periodically send some additional OPTIONAL work for you to do at home. It’s not my goal to overwhelm you or your child! If one of you is not interested in doing this work, that’s OK! It’s important to remember during stressful times such as these that we want to nurture our children’s social/emotional well being too! Turn off the news, allow your child to ask questions, do some deep breathing, go outside to play together, give them extra hugs!

This first post has to do with words that are commonly found in our daily reading. We call these sight words, or high frequency words. These are words we would like the children to know how to read quickly, without sounding them out. Attached are the first grade lists for the entire year. Many of the words on the May list I did not have a chance to introduce to the class. All of the other words were introduced.

Work on one list at a time. If your child knows all of the words on the first list, move on to the next one. Flashcards work fine (you can make them out of paper) but remember to practice about 10 words at a time. Seven of those words should be known words, and three can be unknown words. This will give your child a chance to feel success while learning new words. Look for small parts (we call them chunks) such as CH, SH, ING, etc… Sometimes we’re just silly when we practice words. When reading the word LIKE, students who forget the Magic E rule (the BOSSY letter E at the end of the word tells the vowel to say his name) may sound this word out as ” lickE.” We laugh and ask one another if that sounds like a real word!

I would do something fun like write 10 words on your sidewalk in different colors and have your child hop on all of the Red words and read them. Then ask them to hop on the blue words and read them. If s/he is unsure of a word, help them read it! Another fun way to practice is to write the words with white crayon on paper, then use a different crayon to color over the words and make them “magically” appear. Of course a classroom favorite is to write the words in shaving cream! You want this to be motivating and fun! There are also many fun ways to practice words in the ELA section of our first grade at home learning or you could look for ideas on Pinterst!

Repetition is important! Practice for a few minutes each night. Email if you have any questions!

A note from Mr. McCabe!

Unfortunately, first grade does not have a google account set up with Mr. McCabe and won’t be able to participate. I’ll work with Mr. McCabe to get his activities posted on my blog if possible!

Mr. McCabe would like you to join him in Google Classroom! He asked me to share the simple steps you can follow to join him. Give it a try!

ESHLEMAN Join Code: txy45eg
To connect to Google Classroom: 

Step 1: Go to your Google Classroom homepage or type into the web browser.

Step 2: Click on the “+” in the top RIGHT corner of the screen. See below.

Step 3: Copy and Paste your “Join Code” from the list above.

A note from Miss Rachel!

Hi First Grade!! I miss you all so much! I wish we could be in school together, learning and having fun! Here’s a picture of me and my kids on a hike with our dog, Maya. We’ve been taking long walks everyday. I hope I can see you all soon! Love, Miss Rachel