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September 14-18

“A” lunch choices this week:

Monday – Cheeseburger

Tuesday – Chicken nuggets

Wednesday – Corn Dog

Thursday – Stuffed shells

Friday – French bread pizza

Students will continue to have PBJ and Yogurt with string cheese as options too.

Our special continues to be phys. Ed. all week. Thank you for sending the kids to school wearing sneakers!

In case you were wondering, students from both of my classrooms are able to see one another throughout the day. We meet outside after lunch for story time, they play together at recess, and they eat lunch with one another. It’s important to me that we feel like one big, wonderful, class!!

This week we learned a powerful message about the power of YET! It may be hard to ride a bike, tie a shoe, or read. That doesn’t mean we won’t learn to do those things, we just haven’t learned to do them YET!

I also showed the kids where the “calm down corner” is in our classrooms. This is a space where children may go when they need to regroup. If they are feeling tired, frustrated, or upset for any reason, or just need a break, they retreat to this area. I have fidgets for the kids to use and we also learned how to take some deep breaths to relax. Everything is disinfected between student use!

Next week I will receive student laptops for the class. They come in a padded carrying case for safe transporting to and from school. It will take us a while to learn how to navigate the computers. I’ll also be teaching the kids how to play some educational games and how to use the student version of SeeSaw. I’m going to keep the computers in our classroom for a few weeks just to make sure every student has a laptop as we are learning these computer skills. After that, students will be able to bring computers home nightly.

Please note that students will not be permitted to bring home a laptop without a signed lap top agreement. Most of you turned those in last week, thank you! I sent a new form home with your student if I haven’t received one.

Monday, September 14 – We’ll begin our Storytown reading program this week. Students will come home on Monday with their first spelling list. This list will contain 10 words with a short A sound. A letter explaining our spelling program in more detail will accompany this list. We’ll also begin our formal Math instruction today.

Tuesday, September 15 – Please help your student practice spelling words for a few minutes tonight. Our class will have book exchange with our library aide, Mrs. Calendar. She’ll spend time reading a book to the class, and helping them choose a book to bring home. Please send any library books that may still be at your house from Kdg. back to school.

Wednesday, September 16 – Please help your student practice spelling words for a few minutes each night. Make practice fun! Write them with chalk outside on the sidewalk! Sound out the words as your child writes each letter!

Thursday, September 17 – Please practice spelling words again for our test that will be tomorrow. Sometimes students are nervous to take their first spelling test. Please let them know that Mrs. Torres and I will help them, and remind them that nobody in our class has ever taken a spelling test! We’re all in this together!

Friday, September 18 – Spelling test day! As soon as tests are corrected, I’ll send them home with the kids. Please sign the top of the test paper by the “sign and return stamp” and send the test back to school. I like to keep these in my file until the end of the marking period.

The kids are still doing a spectacular job with their masks!! Let me know if you have any questions!

What a great day we had in first grade! The kids are doing a nice job wearing their masks and asking for a mask break as needed! We spend time in our “outside classroom” spread 6 feet apart where we’re able to remover our masks. Today we played Whack a mole to practice our letters, sounds, and Kdg. words. Ask your student how we played! We read a story called “Mean Jean the Recess Queen” and talked about ways to make friends on the playground. We also started some number writing practice. We have 5 lefties in our class! I think that’s a record for me! It was really fun to listen to the kids share the items in their “All about Me” bags. We have a lot of friends who like animals and building with Leggo!

Thursday is a 1:15 early dismissal day for Eshleman students. Please send a note to with all transportation changes. We have no school on Friday, September 4 or Monday, September 7. I’ll see the kids again on Tuesday, September 8.

When we come back to school after Labor Day we will continue to see Mr. McCabe for Phys. Ed. Please send the kids to school wearing their sneakers. Lunch that week will be similar to this week’s lunch menu. Students will be able to choose PBJ, and Yogurt with string cheese every day. In addition, they will be offered the following selections: Tuesday – Turkey sandwich, Wednesday – McRib sandwich, Thursday – Hamburger, Friday – Pizza.

A note about my behavior management plan: Students will earn Gold Tickets for good behavior, great choices, a positive attitude, kind words, participation etc… to be used toward “buying” a coupon when they earn 10 tickets. A few examples of coupons are:

Stinky Feet – take your shoes off in school

Flip Flop fun – wear flip flops in school

Show us a Talent – Students may share something special with us – a cartwheel, a joke, sing a song, show us a picture they’ve drawn etc….

Fluffy Friend – Bring a stuffed animal to school

PJ Day – Wear your pajamas to school

Be the teacher helper for the day

Be the line leader for the day

Students learn quickly that earning gold tickets has its rewards. Students are motivated to earn as many as they can. I have found that eventually it becomes less about earning the coupon and more about becoming the best citizen that they can be. Students strive to earn tickets as fast as they can. Gold tags can also be taken away as a reminder to make good choices.

Parents often ask how many gold tags their child should be earning daily/weekly. The number is actually not that important. I believe in always looking for the positive. I will be communicating with parents if there is a behavior your child needs to work on. Please encourage your child’s good behavior, not the number of tags earned.

I’m looking forward to a great year! Enjoy the long weekend with your wonderful children. I love them so much already!

First day in first grade!

Hello First Grade Families! I’m in the gym with the kids while Mr. McCabe is teaching phys. ed. I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the kids today! We learned many procedures and rules, and they were good listeners! We went outside for some of our learning, and went to both of our classroom areas. We successfully learned where we go to the bathroom, how to properly wash our hands, how to get to the cafeteria, where we play at recess, and how to take a mask break. We also read a story about how to be a good friend! Ask the kids why we stepped on the big, red heart! There is a folder in your child’s book bag that contains either a Llama or Owl folder. Today there are papers on the “Return to School” side of the folder. That means it’s either homework for you or your child. Today it’s for you! If there are papers on the “Keep at home side” you know what to do with those! Sometimes the kids put papers on the wrong side, so if it looks like a paper that should be returned to school, that’s what may have happened! Thanks for sending the kids to school with sneakers, a water bottle and a mask! You guys are my superheros! Thanks for making today such a smooth start to the school year! It’s good to be back at Eshleman with my first grade friends!!

First Grade Drive Through

I’m looking forward to seeing each of you on Wednesday at our first grade drive through. Stop by Eshleman between 6:30-8 PM. My class will follow the driveway to the front of the school. I have some papers from Kdg. to give you, as well as some first grade goodies and a newsletter.
Student supplies (2 tool boxes and a box of crayons) may be placed in a bag and labeled with your student’s name. I’ll take that to our room and have it all filled for the first day of school!
If you’re unable to attend our drive through, please email me. I can send you some of the items in digital form.
Enjoy these last few days of summer!

Lunch at Eshleman

During the school year first graders will have 3 lunch options to choose from.

“A” lunch changes daily. On 8/31, the first day of school, our “A” lunch is a turkey sandwich.

9/1 – “A” lunch is a McRib sandwich

9/2 – “A” lunch is a hamburger

9/3 – “A” lunch is pizza

In addition to the “A” lunch, students also have the option of buying a PB & J, or yogurt and string cheese each day.

Please consider signing up for a MYSCHOOLBUCKS account. This is a way to pay for lunches electronically, so students don’t need to bring lunch money to school each day.

It’s move up day! Meet your teacher for next year and find out who the house winner is for the year!!

End of Year Message from Dr. Cox

We wish we could visit with you in person, but here is the next best thing! Follow the link below to see a message from your next year’s teacher.

You can find your teacher in the comment section of your report card. Report cards were mailed on Friday and will be posted to Sapphire on Wednesday.

Esh Move Up Day 2020

Report card update: As a result of the unusual end to our school year, we have adjusted how we grade for the fourth marking period.  For kindergarten, the students will receive an N/A which represents non applicable.  First and second grade students will receive what they had earned in the third marking period.  In grades three through six, students will earn a pass or fail grade. All students in grades 1 and 2 specials will receive a Satisfactory and all students in grades 3-6 specials will receive a Pass. If assignments were submitted after report cards were printed, the most recent report card will be uploaded on Wednesday.

Who is the 2019/2020 House Champion?

Report Cards

Students will receive their report cards in the mail any time beginning on Monday, June 1. On Monday there will also be a “Move Up” video posted to the Eshleman blog where students are able to learn a little bit about their teacher for next year! Report cards will be posted to Sapphire on Wednesday, June 3.

Have a wonderful summer!