Mystery Readers

We will need to postpone Mystery Readers during the 2020-2021 school year until further notice.

Parents are welcome to come in to our room to read to the class, but SHHH, it’s a surprise for the kids!  Mystery readers will provide me with 3 clues about their identity prior to coming in to read.  I’ll share the clues with the class, and have them try to guess who you are!  When I hear from the office that you have arrived at school, I’ll ask you to wait outside our classroom door.   I will escort you to your reading spot in our room while the kids wait with their eyes closed!   It will be so much fun when they open their eyes for the big reveal!  Feel free to choose a book that will take  less than 10 minutes to read.  Any book that interests your child will be a good choice!  If you would like to read to our class, contact me (, and we’ll choose a mutually convenient time for you to come in!

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