Our Specials for 2020 -2021 School Year

Each day our class will have a 45 minute block of time with a teacher other than myself to learn and explore various subjects.  These teachers are called “specialists.”  I will update my blog each week to let you know what our special will be.   When we miss a day of school due to snow, we don’t skip the special or cycle day, we have it the following school day.

New this year, we will have the same special for 21 days in a row.  Our class will begin with Phys. Ed.  Please be sure to send the kids to school wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers.  I’ll update my blog when it’s time for our class to switch to a new special.

Our specialist teachers are listed below:

Applied Engineering with Mr. Kelley

Music with Ms. Brennan

PE  with Mr. McCabe

Art with Ms. Fasnacht

(We will have book exchange every other cycle, schedule to be determined)

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